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21 Awkward Situations We All Survived In High School

Fret not, young grasshopper - it wasn't just you! It might be painfully easy to feel like the odd one out at the time, but it's actually the same embarrassing story for all of us. See how life plays out for a new generation of students on IFC's Out There, Fridays at 10/9c. Catch a full episode here.

1. The excessive support of your parents.

2. Every day when you got taunted by the "back of the bus" dwellers.

3. Your student ID never coming out as planned.

4. Trying to remember that godforsaken locker combo.

5. Being forever unprepared when asked to "say cheese."

6. When you pour your heart out to a new group of friends way too soon.

7. Walking into (and back out of) the wrong classroom.

8. When someone uncovers your dark secret obsession.

9. The inability to hold it together on frog dissection day.

10. Bringing home a less-than-stellar report card.

11. When you just can't wrap your head around the directions your chem teacher's given you three times already.

12. When the breakthrough finally comes... in front of your entire class.

13. When you think you're home free playing hooky, and then your teacher whips around the corner.

14. Pretending that you weren't eavesdropping about the rager happening at some kid's house this weekend.

15. The day you decided to violate the dress code.

16. Trying to flirt really effortlessly.

17. When you smiled at the wrong person from across the courtyard.

18. Your first day on the job.

19. The moment you realize your grand scheme has backfired.

20. When you took the upcoming dance proposal just a little too casually.

21. Your noble attempt to leave your legacy behind.

Don't forget to tune into "Out There" on IFC to find out how Chris and Chad deal with the wave of their sophomore year - Fridays at 10/9c.