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Internet Explorer Podcast: The One Where We Finally Talk About Furries And Kylie Jenner

Not at the same time, unfortunately...

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Oh shit... it's time for another episode of INTERNET EXPLORER! This week we discuss something that is old as the dawn of the internet, and something that is only very new: furries and Kylie Jenner conspiracy theories.

Furries are people who dress up like animals. The animal character of their choice is their "fursona".

Katie Notopoulos / BuzzFeed

Furries have been around long before the internet, but have always occupied a special place on it. Ryan interviewed some furries recently for BuzzFeed, and Katie once attended a furry convention.


Then we jump into the Tumblr/Twitter conspiracy theory that there are actually two Kylie Jenners.

Kylie being a "catfish" because of how different she looks on Instagram is a reoccurring theme.

Could dozens of strangers on the internet be on to something? We investigate.

Kylie Jenner is a catfish I swear

Kylie Jenner is a catfish don't let her fool you

Idk why but some of these pictures have me thinking Kylie Jenner is a catfish😭

Kylie Jenner is a series catfish man 👀

Or whatever this is...

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