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The Horrible Tale Of The Brony Body Fluids Jar On The Interet Explorer Podcast

So sorry to Ryan's mom, who he had to explain this to.

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If your fedora is itchy, that’s because it’s time for another episode of Internet Explorer!

This went down into the annals of gross internet history as one of the worst things that has ever happened. [In brief: a brony collected a jar of his semen with a pony figure in the jar and left it on a radiator. After a few months, it boiled.]

Because this is SO SO SO gross and terrible and disgusting, we realized the best way to tell you guys about it would be to have Ryan Broderick call up his mother in Massachusetts and explain it to her. So that's what we did. We hope you enjoy the most awkward conversation between a mother and son you can hear on a podcast.

There's a thing that's been going on on Tumblr where British users joke about "cheeky nandos":

And Americans have no idea what the heck they're talking about and it drives them nuts:

Spoiler: "cheeky nandos" refers to eating at a chain of chicken restaurants (????), but the confusion about the phrase has been the weirdest fun thing on Tumblr lately.

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