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11 Reasons Why This Surprise Episode Of "Internet Explorer" Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

It is time you learned that people are writing erotic fanfiction about Jerry Seinfeld in Bee Movie.

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First of all, thank you all so much for listening, tweeting, liking us on facebook and generally showing your love for our first ever episode!

Listening to @iexplorer was the best life decision I’ve ever made.

Here is your reward for listening to our mouth-holes with your ear-holes: we decided to release a surprise 👏 bonus 👏 episode to thank you all for hanging around.

This week, we cover some internet gems like...

2. Which looks and sounds like this.

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😕😕😕 RIP Farmer Memes 😕😕😕


11. Even though, apparently, the group does NOT approve of dog dancing.

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Music and clips from this episode provided by the wonderful people of the internet:

- Keshco "Leave Me On The Subs Bench"

- Botanic Sage "Who Let the Dogs Hunt"

- Decktonic "Night Drive Strong Suit Remix"

- Kirk Pearson "Skeleton Up"

- "Rolling Dolphins" by Yarinka Colucci

- Ryanhatesthis "Live Love Dave McWane"

- Theme song by Tanlines

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