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12 October 2010

Journal Entry 3

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After visiting the ruins of Cempoala I considered getting a room in Vera Cruz and walking around the town but instead I drove around the city and ended up in Acayucan. I’m not sure if I’ll head to the Yucatan or continue south to Guatemala. I think I do not want to sight-see as much as I want to reach Tierra del Fuego. Visiting the Yucatan will take more time, gas, and money. Mostly I do not wish to wear out my car. I also do not wish to reach my goal too quickly.

Driving at night is dangerous but I have done it each night. Acayucan is littered with rutted potholed streets. I didn’t want to stay in the city but I figured it was best since it was dark. There were no encounters with the police today but there was a long line of stalled traffic outside of Acayaucan due to construction. A bridge was washed out and there was only one temporary lane.

Mexico is a land of fertile green hills and mountains. Corn grows on the sides of the mountains. How do they plant and harvest on the side of a mountain? I can’t imagine they use a tractor. The land is very beautiful. I have met no Americans so far but I did see a truck with Mississippi plates.

For dinner I had a hot dog especial (tomatoes, onions, bacon bits, and horseradish I think and rectangles of cheese slices). I went for a walk around the plaza then back to the hotel to use the internet. Very busy out there, lots of good smells. I went out a second time and ate two chicken tacos at a store front I saw earlier.

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