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Brother Dogs Meet In Different Country After Almost 5 Years Split

Izo (@theizotimes) and Nano are 6 yo shihtzu dogs that were born in Israel in small city called Petach Tikva. They were split when they were 3 months old to two different families (@ido8all and @inessa.kl). A year later, their owners randomly met each other in the streets of Tel Aviv and noticed that their dogs looks alike. After asking some questions they realized that the dogs are actually brothers and were born in the same litter (same parents, same day of birth, about 25 minutes difference). That was the last time they met because right after Izo moved with his owner Ido to London (relocation for work). For the next 4 years Nano lived in Tel Aviv while his brother Izo was exploring UK, France and Belgium. It was just two weeks ago that Izo left London with owner for another relocation, this time to NYC. Surprisingly, Nano's owner also got relocation opportunity and he moved 4 days after to NYC too. This week, they met again for the first time after almost 5 years. Their meeting went live on Facebook and Instagram because Izo is social media star and got two popular accounts. Since both are not neutered there was a risk that they will act aggressively towards each other, however that wasn't the case. They were smelling each other and checked around (literally) and one of the best moments happened (on 1:44 on their meet up) when they both peed in complete coordination. Dogs' owners promised each other that this time they will make sure to keep in touch so the brothers could also become good friends. Watch the video and fall in love with these two. For more of Izo's advanture in the world, you can follow @theizotimes or his owner @ido8all

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Their meeting went Live on Facebook

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