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  • Who Writes These?

    Spotted this whilst wandering the aisles in my local supermarket. Who writes these things? #wineoclock #wine #clam

  • Let’s Face The Music

    She’s an eminently frameable A3 in size and has been completed using the magic of screen printing, paint pens, spraypaint and stencils. Signed on reverse.

  • Come One, Come All

    At last! Summer seems to finally be here! What a result! We got a call on Friday asking if we were interested in doing some boards at the Whitecross Street Party on Saturday. We checked the weather, which was, surprisingly, promising warmth and sunshine and so promptly agreed. As it was in London it didn’t even require a particularly early start. Which was another good result. After finding ourselves a board to paint we set to work and had this done by closing time. I think the boy in the piece looks a little more sinister than we originally intended but I think it works quite nicely because of that. He certainly looks as though he’s been up to some kind of mischief… Cheers id-iom

  • The Diamond Commission

    Superb. Friday is here again. And to celebrate such a momentous occasion we have a new print for your perusal. We were asked to produce a print which is to be given to each member of a hardworking team of tradesmen on completion of a building project. As I’m currently right in the middle of my black single screen obsession (well, two if you count the ‘id-iom certified’ stamp) it seemed pretty obvious what i was going to produce. As diamonds are both tough and valuable I thought they’d make an ideal subject for my design and so set to work. After a little design and some messing round with screens I had managed to produce 12 copies of ‘The Diamond Commission’. They are currently with our framer but should be back ready for distribution in the next few days. I hope they like them… Cheers id-iom

  • Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

    Mirror, mirror on the wall… Who’s the fairest of them all? Now here’s something! A mirror that actually tells the truth about you instead of just silently lying to you. This piece stems from another slightly more ambitious project which to date has been a little complex but rest assured we will be trying our very hardest to finally get this project off the ground again. Firstly though we have to teach ourselves some advanced carpentry skills and then move on to some elementary electronics. Easy! I can remember trying this before and pretty much coming up with a bit of 2x4 with a battery and a light stuck to it. Suffice to say it wasn’t really up to scratch and had to be thrown back into the depths of the idea cupboard to hopefully break forth fully formed at some future point. Let’s hope it’s time has come! Cheers id-iom

  • Busy being lazy

    Our latest piece entitled ‘Busy being lazy’ came about as we were taking part in a battle on stencil forum Cut n Spray and the theme for the battle was ‘lazy’. Since this is a theme that is close to my heart i thought i’d try to muster the necessary effort to take part. The theme could be interpreted however you liked as long as there was a stencil on the final design. After sitting around thinking/playing Black Ops for a while inspiration finally struck. From there it was a question of motivation and logistics. Thankfully i managed to save myself from terminal apathy and get myself to the hardware shop to buy the necessary bits and pieces. Working with plywood is quite fun although perhaps i should have got something slightly thicker than 4mm as problems started to arise when i was knocking the nails in as some of them would go straight through the wood. After a little trial and error i managed to get all the nails in and then came the thread… Threading the nails was certainly something of a challenge (especially considering my earlier problems with anchoring the nails properly) but after the appropriate amount of swearing I finally managed to get it all attached properly. Now i just need somewhere good to get it installed and transport it there safely… Hopefully we’ll be in with a chance of winning the competition with ‘Busy being lazy’ as surely it’s a truly inspirational piece? I’ll keep you updated as to the outcome… Cheers id-iom

  • Beware the fury of a patient man

    Despite the fact that it’s Friday and i’m in a pretty good mood I just can’t come up with anything witty or amusing to accompany this piece. So perhaps i’ll just go through the basics. It’s a screenprinted commission on A3 card and is due to go to the framer any day now. The quote is from English poet John Dryden and is featured in his poem ‘Absalom and Achitophel‘ from 1681. Aside from the obvious interpretation of the line – that a patient man is slow to anger but that his anger will be mighty once roused – I’m not sure if what, if anything else, it’s meant to signify. The quote in context is: ‘How ill my fear they by my Mercy scan Beware the fury of a patient man’ According to wikipedia ‘the poem is an allegory that uses the story of the rebellion of Absalom against King David as the basis for discussion of the background to the Monmouth Rebellion (1685), the Popish Plot (1678) and the Exclusion Crisis.’ All that is a little beyond me at the moment but i’m sure it’s all true. I’m particularly pleased with the distressed feel to the piece and the slightly worn ‘id-iom certified’ stamp came out beautifully. Onwards and upwards… Cheers id-iom

  • Where’s the Weekend

    The print featured is available from Pimp Artworks (along with a few others) and is based on a pictures called ‘Where’s the Weekend?’ which I think echoes a sentiment a lot of us feel after being chained to a desk all day…

  • Summer’s Last Hurrah!

    New jumper design by id-iom. ‘I just wanna be some guy’s midlife crisis!’ - what a lovely sentiment i’m sure you’ll agree - and just perfect for the honest young lady about town. Perfect for those winter days which will be with us far too quickly…

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