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Lady GaGa - "BOYS BOYS BOYS/FASHION" Music Video

My original music video for a mix of the inimitable Lady GaGa's singles "Boys Boys Boys" from her debut album "The Fame," and "Fashion" from the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" soundtrack. (make sure to watch it in HD!) I aimed to create a piece of video so sugary unabashedly inherently, unapologetically GaGa...that it would melt the part of the brain that absorbs pop music into a quivering, titillated mess. It's difficult to define the one and only Lady with a lesser lady, so I tried my best with six men! A group of my friends persistently were on my case about directing a music video with them, and I couldn't think of anyone more fun, fresh, and fearless than this new, meteorically rising star, and so for Ms. GaGa, my buddies, and for anyone who revels in the novelty of being absolutely fabulous in this increasingly dreary world, I offer this humble homage. There is nothing more fashionable than being yourself...

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