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    5 Online Businesses to Watch Out For In 2018

    The start of the new year for many businesses means it is time for resolutions, and not just vows to make a profit or improve their customer service. With the dynamics of the marketplace changing so rapidly every business needs to be in a perpetual resolution mode. Now, not all businesses share these viewpoints and that is what separates the best from the rest. I know it is already a month into the year, but I had to take my time and be sure that the business I select is leaving up to their expectation in 2018. Here are a few businesses to watch out for in 2018.

    1. Funko Collectors: VonMerch


    Guess what? Funko pop is the new rave. The collectibles sub-category grew roughly 33% in 2017 and was the main driver for the 5% year-over-year growth in the U.S.’ $25 billion per year Toys category. Therefore, it’s no surprise that VonMerch was launched. VonMerch is a shopping site for funko pop collectors with claims of having the fastest way for Funko collectors to find the best possible price on any Funko collectible sold online. By bringing together offers from the top retailers on the web, VonMerch is helping collectors find Funko POPs, Dorbz, and more at the lowest prices and with just a couple of clicks. The site also compares availability, condition, and more, so that collectors and fans can “hunt” down the sought-after collectibles in a more transparent and efficient way.

    2. Men Fashion: GMTRY Watches


    Gone are those days when only women took time to look glamorous. These days, stylish men are giving women a run for their money. GMTRY Watches is making this possible for men to achieve. This is an online business dedicated to producing fashion watches for men. GMTRY Watches are inspired by different neighborhoods, minimalistic designs, and the urban geometry. Founded by three young entrepreneurs, the idea behind GMTRY Watches for men was borne out of the passion for beautiful cities, fashionable accessories, and unique item ownership. These watches look good on men whether you’re donning a suit or rocking a T-shirt.

    3. Mobile Messaging App: LINE


    Launched in March 2011, the LINE mobile-messaging app has over 170 million monthly active users. The platform is so popular in Japan that young people are often seen exchanging their LINE IDs instead of phone numbers.

    The success of this company can be partly attributed to the application's oversized emoji- or emoticon-style graphics referred to as stickers. What’s more? LINE intends to open retail locations that sell T-shirts and stuffed animals based on its sticker designs.

    4. Work Benefits: AnyPerk


    Who doesn’t want to hire the best of talents who have or is working at bigwigs like Facebook or Google? And that’s exactly why Taro Fukuyama and Sunny Tsang co-founded AnyPerk in 2012. After discovering that there were startup founders who wanted to hire talented individuals who were already working at places such as Facebook or Google but couldn't offer them any perks; Fukuyama decided to launch AnyPerk. The business allows workers to access a variety of different benefits, ranging from ski passes to spa treatments, sports tickets and many more. The company also allows for a more customized perk experience for employees.

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