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Happy Gadget Wearable Child Alert Watch

For all my parents out there I’d like to ask you a question. As a parent with kids that are out and about, wouldn’t it give you some extra peace of mind if you could know not only exactly where they were but also what their vital signs are too? Well the HappyGadget wearable child alert watch is a one of its kind device that’s packed with medical grade sensors that can keep track of your kids vital signs and detect any unusual signs, symptoms or physical patterns which could potentially save a child’s life! So the Wearable Child Alert watch is just that but also so much more! Because most parents wonder and worry about their child right? And their safety is important to you too. Well wit the Happy Gadget, no matter where the child is you can find out where they are and how they are doing at that particular moment. You can be alerted to your smartphone or synchronise it with the Happy Gadget Device and use Blueetooth and Beacon technology sensors to detect things like their heart rate and rhythm and blood O2 level. Their skin temperature and sweat and humidity levels and whether or know they are moving quickly with sudden motions or even a lack of motion and whether they have take a hard or soft fall too which is pretty neat. And this all works from the GPS function that’s built into it . This device really is very practical and has a lot of potential to save the lives of many children who suffer from something like allergies or asthma or those that might choke or ho out of site or fall into water and need to send an SOS to their parent quickly to alert them of the danger they are in. The Happy Gadget wearable alert watch can help to save children who; Suffer from any kind of allergies or allergic reactions. Suffer from asthma or other kind of breathing/repository problems. Children that can become sick or have immediate feverish signs. Children who might choke on some small object or something. Children that are prone to falling and could hurt themself without being able to alert you. Children that just randomly wander off as children do so you can find them. Children that might fall into water or other danger and an SOS can be sent. There really is a lot of tech packed into this life saving wearable child alert watch. Extensively a heart rate monitor, an Oximeter, a Sweat sensor, a Thermometer, a Gyroscope, an Accelerometer, a GPS, Microphone and Vibration motor and impact sensor. That’s all powered by a a 1GHZ dual core CPU and 512MB RAM and compatible with any Android 4.3+ iOS 7+ mobile device. And the wrist band itself is made from a toxic free silicon and measures just 3″ by 5″ perfect for most small toddlers. All this and more! Check out the IndieGoGo campaign to find out more about the The Happy Gadget wearable child alert watch and how it can help to save your child’s life. I hope that you’ll see the potential in this particular #crowdfunding campaign and back it as that way you can become a life saver! If something like this, or this exactly, would have been available many years and kids were wearing them it could have inevitably gone on to save the lives of many children for that much we are confident and sure don't you think?

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Check out the Happy Gadget for more details and to back this very worthy and popular #crowdfunding campaign!

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