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    2020 Guys Valentine’s Day

    2020 Guys Valentine’s Day Yes! There’s a second Valentine’s Day -- for Guys on March 14! The traditional Valentine’s Day is on February 14 and while we are accustomed to that, you may want to know about the National Valentine’s Day for Men just a month later. On first hearing, one may think it was a casually made-up concept but truth is, it has more roots than you think. To grasp the need for a Valentine’s Day for Men (why do we need a ‘day of love’ specifically set aside for guys?), we need to go back in time to uncover the history behind the conventional Valentine’s Day on February 14th. This will provide the link and the explanation as to why you need to celebrate him on March 14. Origins of Valentine’s Day The national day of love- Valentine’s Day is one that has been around for hundreds of years now. It was declared officially as a “day of romance” around the 14th century and was widely accepted and celebrated across the globe. Almost everyone celebrates, (or at least, recognizes) the Valentine’s Day and despite the difference in the many ideologies that can be found in every culture, the juice (main purpose) of the day which focuses on showing appreciation and love to our dear ones have not been missed. Its essential fabric is not lost. Cadbury chocolates took advantage of Valentine's Day sometime in the 19th century after they adopted a novel process that manufactures wonderful chocolates. The reason they chose Valentine’s Day as an ideal opportunity for business promotion is not far-fetched. Go meet a shop owner and he will tell you; among other like products, the sale of chocolates shoots up drastically during the love season than any other period of the year. Sometimes, exponentially! It was also during the same period that the Hallmark (a company that makes greeting cards) found the perfect opportunity to exploit the available market during the love season. It was boom time baby! This is why some people till date still subscribe to the theory that the chocolatiers and the greeting cards company were the originators of Valentine’s day. While that makes sense, it is false. They were just beneficiaries (in great ways) and propagators of an already established day. However, it can’t be denied that they had a big influence on the way people celebrate Valentine’s Day; the wave of that influence is still felt today. In the US, it developed to a day where anyone, regardless of age, could share with that special someone (or people). The tragic flaw Certainly, you will agree with me that in many cultures the common man thinks that the Valentine’s Day is all about making your wife or girlfriend happy. Research in the US revealed that during the valentine season, men are the ones who spend more resources (mainly time and money) getting gifts for ladies. LoveWorks® confirmed this claim stating that the love season has always been leaning toward pleasing women. This concept (of Valentine's Day intended for women) has been ingrained in the minds of the younger generations. The belief is widely held by high school students in the US, studies reveal. Another index that proves this truth is the sales chart which shows that men spend (on average) about 5x more (during the love season) on women than is reciprocated. That’s huge! But the real shocker is that men spend more during the love season than females and couples put together. While this is the case in many cultures, it is not generalized as Asians prove to be different. In Asia, the majority of the givers and spenders during the love season are women. This played a major part in the creation of a day set aside specifically for the celebration of the male sex. “White Day” White Day, as it is called, was created by some Asian countries and set to be celebrated every March 14th. It was set aside as a day for men to return favors and buy gifts for those who gave them gifts during the February 14th valentine’s day celebration a month ago. The celebration of White Day fulfills the Asian upbringing which expects you to return the favor to those who have done you good, in this case, by gift exchange. Of course, there were many unofficial tweaks by some Asian countries; for example, Philippines’ White Day tradition is that men are not permitted to give gifts for any woman who failed to give to them on February 14th Valentine’s Day. In other cultures, even in the US, the traditional way of celebrating Valentine's Day remained- with men spending more. It wasn’t long before a group of ‘alert guys’ began demanding that a form of balance be restored (if at all there was any). They embarked on a kind of protest, stating that they wanted a day that presents an opportunity for females to show appreciation and affection to the males in their lives. Because White Day is a day set to appreciate the opposite sex as a result of Valentine's Day, it is fair to say it is a forerunner to the National Guy’s Valentine’s Day. Things fall apart An American DJ, sometime in 2002, while on-air created a day (albeit jokingly) for men to be specially celebrated. The day was set on March 14 just like White Day, but the name was rather offensive to many. Although not intended, it stirred up anger among many and was deemed widely inappropriate. This was an ‘adult theme’ which did not help the promotion of the day across various generations. The name made the promotion of the day by the media difficult and impossible. Redeemed The 2002 revolution did not fail because of the idea. In truth, the idea of a day to set to celebrate men has always received a warm reception from both sexes across every age. Just like any failed revolution, what was needed was right rebranding to make it very effective. LoveWorks® came to the rescue in 2016. In revisiting the day, they changed the name, giving it one that is well-suited and universally accepted. This revitalized the day making it possible for every generation to participate. National Guys Valentine’s Day -- March 14th, is now the day set specially for the appreciation of men. Women across every age, are expected to run the show. The dinner reservations, gift purchase, the surprises, etc. the underlying idea is to appreciate especially every man in your life. LoveWorks® encourages women to take the day seriously to show affection and appreciation to their male partners. The company is making big moves behind the scenes to ensure that the revolution doesn't fail this time. The upside National Guy’s Valentine's Day helps to solve one of the major recurrent complaints in long-term relationships which is the lack of appreciation. What makes this new holiday (rebranded and family-friendly) very attractive is that you don't have to be in a relationship to participate. The guy you want to celebrate with maybe your colleague at work, boss, a friend, a relative- dad, brother, cousins, etc. Balance restored In 2020, almost 50% of the entire valentine's purchase was made by people, not in a relationship. While this a positive (massive!) development, one trend that hasn't changed is men spending on average 5x more than women. There is still work to be done. March 14th certainly provides the perfect opportunity to create balance by appreciating our men and acknowledging their importance in our lives. Make March 14th count for your favorite guys

    There’s a second Valentine’s Day