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A Definitive Ranking Of LGBTQIA+ Flags

Cadets at the Iceland Smallworld headquarters looked at 15 queer flags, and after much deliberation, here's what we came up with: A ranking from worst to best and a verdict on our favorite LGBTQIA+ flag. This does not reflect how we view the communities behind these flags, but the aesthetics of the flags themselves. We're sure we're missing some flags, and we apologize, but here is what we have.

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15. Non-Binary

Hold the fort! Once again, the ranking of this list does not reflect the validity or support we have for this identity. Non-binary is a great identity (some of the folks who made this list are non-binary ;) ). Channel you anger not towards this list, but to the ugly-ass flag itself, for we must work together to get something cuter!

14. Tri-Gender

This flag wants to be one of the cute, pastel, trans identity flags you'll find later in this list, but it does not exactly fit the bill. The green stripe ruins any chance the tri-gender flag has of not reminding us of vomit... Ouch!

10. Demi-Binary (Demigirl/Demiguy)

This started some controversy among this list's creators, but marks the turning point of this ranking. The first good flags of the list so far, the demi-binary flags provide good composition and color-schemes as well as a fitting symbol of the identities they represent.

9. Bear

It's not a Mac DeMarco album cover, it's the Bear flag... Grrr! While compositionally interesting, this flag failed to get into the top half of this list, however, it is by no means anything to scoff at.

7. Gay Pride (Rainbow)

A certified classic, this flag has stood the test of time. The bold colors embody the spirit of the people it first served and the flags in-your-face attitude. Though it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, this flag, in this list and in history, creates a foundation for better flags to come.

6. Bisexual

There's a big, queer, storm a'brewin' and nothing represents that more than this flag. Easy on the eyes, proud, unique and pretty, the bisexual flag perfectly represents it's comunity and is a very fitting extension of the Gay Pride flag.

Dishonorable Mention: Incel

Much like the incel label itself, this flag poorly immitates the queer flags as symbols of actual identity. Opting for the vertical stripes, this shitty symbol exposes itself as being a purely invalid and laughable pretender of a flag. Now back to the real ones.

4. Demi-Fluid

I know what you're thinking: What the hell is demi-fluid?! Well the answer is an identity that is interesting, evolved and internety but in a good way, just as the flag perfectly reflects. Also, it's really pretty and cool.

3. Transgender

Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes! A household favorite, the transgender flag perfectly uses a simple balence of pastels that please the folks it represents. You try and find a trans person who doesn't love this flag!

2. Lipstick Lesbian

Wow-wee! And we thought the butch flag was cool! The warm and inviting tones sooth, relax and excite all who lay eyes on this beautiful flag. As far as LGBTQIA+ flags go, this is just about as good as it gets...

1. Bi-Gender

Ballgame! Taking the #1 spot, a flag that nobody saw coming, bi-gender! With a mix of diverse reds and blues, a white center stripe, and soft pastels throughout, the bi-gender flag combines the best of the bisexual, lesbian and transgender flags into the perfect queer flag! Congrats!

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