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What Would "Riverdale" Look Like If It Focused On The Parents' Teen Years?

Would it have made a better show?

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While the teens of CW's hit show "Riverdale" have their fair share of drama, the parents are just as much apart of the action. Most of the events in the show are propelled by long held grudges and relationships that occurred long before the the historic "Bughead" era. So what would these characters look like during their years at Riverdale High?

Fred Andrews

Archie's father Fred (played by Luke Perry) was raised in Riverdale and also attended the local high school, where he was close friends with FP Jones. He also had a brief fling with Hermione Lodge before she left him for her current husband Hiram Lodge. In addition, he and FP formed a band their senior year, which they named "The Fred Heads". I wouldn't mind being his groupie TBH. ~Swoon~.

Mary Andrews

The wife of Fred Andrews and mother of Archie Andrews (played by the iconic Molly Ringwald) would have made a beautiful pairing with young Fred. Along with her husband, she was raised in Riverdale and acquainted with Hermione Lodge and Alice Cooper.

FP Jones

No doubt FP (played by Skeet Ulrich) would have been the Jughead of the show - the misunderstood loner armed with witty comebacks and a leather jacket. I wouldn't mind playing with his Southside Serpent. Not to mention, he was in a band.

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) was born and raised on the south side, married her high school sweetheart, Hal Cooper, and later mothered Polly and Betty Cooper. Her transition from a south side nobody to homecoming queen would have been amazing to see on screen.

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    Do you care more about the parents' or the teens' story line?
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