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10 Couples Confess Their First Impressions Of Each Other

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We asked 10 couples to reveal their first impressions of each other.

How did you meet?

Christine: We met at a meeting for a nonprofit organization called UniPro. My friend ambushed me to come to this meeting. It was actually at [Noel's] apartment. That was in 2013, and I had another boyfriend at the time.

Noel: I was single.

Christine: At some point, I decided to undergo a life change. I quit my job, and I finally decided to join UniPro. We started spending a lot of time together. By then, I was single, so...

Noel: I started seeing her more, and a mutual friend asked, "Hey. What's up with that? Noel, if you mess up, I'll cut your balls off."

After the reveal:

Christine: Once I got to know him, he was really funny and really nice, and I really liked him.

Noel: [Raises eyebrows]

On their first meeting:

Hannah: I got completely drunk on margaritas because he was so late. Then he got here, and I told him a bunch of different stories like four times each.

Seth: When we were leaving, she kissed me out of nowhere, even though we barely knew each other.

Hannah: Well, I was really drunk. [Pauses] He called the next day — like didn't even text — and I was too afraid to answer.

After the reveal:

Hannah: "Avid texter"?!

Seth: That's because of the phone call.

How did you meet?

Together: Tinder.

Jeff: I just thought, she's so cool.

Melissa: I never thought I'd want to date a musician, but swiping right turned out to be the best decision ever.

On their first meeting:

Sunny: We met two days before he left for Burning Man. We went on our first unofficial date, and he left for Burning Man.

Wade: He took me to his favorite restaurant... Denny's.

Sunny: That's why I consider it an unofficial first date!

Wade: We got married last December. We threw a secret wedding... Actually, a surprise wedding.

Sunny: We had a party and invited a bunch of our friends. They thought we were going to announce our engagement, but we got married!

Wade: We used Google Hangouts for the wedding, so our friends could watch in L.A.

How did you meet?

Together: OkCupid.

Kim: Our first three dates were pizza, and I'm lactose intolerant.

After the reveal:

Jesse: It was in order of the first things I noticed: legs, smile, and then I got to know her.

Kim: Oh, I'm very superficial. [Laughs]

On how they met:

Daniel: We met when we were 16. High school sweethearts. Basically, her ex-boyfriend is this guy I went to junior high with. She dated him in high school, and we met through that.

Maya: I just thought he was cute. I wasn't looking for anything long term!

Daniel: I was awkward, so my parents were happy.

How long have you been together?

Ben: Seven years.

Together: Six months, almost. We met at work, but realized we had met three years ago at an improv show!

On their first date:

Casey: It was the night of The Dress, so an hour of our date was looking at The Dress. We agreed The Dress was white and gold.

Ben: You're better with words.

On their first date:

Jake: Ben's been practicing for this for a week.

Ben: We had gelato, and I walked him back to his dorm.

Jake: The minute I got home, I got a three-paragraph-long text from him. It was not super smooth.

Ben was reminding me that I had already eaten my ice cream before he got there.

Ben: He ordered it prior to his date even showing up!

How did you meet?

Jenna: We met in line at a comedy show that was free. We were very poor at the time, so it became a weekly ritual of "let's go to whatever's free!"

After the reveal:

Jenna: "Pretty funny... Pretty interesting..."

Pete: Of course she's pretty.

Jenna: Everyone always tells you you have the prettiest eyes.

Pete: They're my grandma's eyes.

On their first meeting:

Ishrat: We met at a work party. He's a friend of a co-worker's.

Brian: She put her number in my phone.

After the reveal:

Ishrat: He had his head shaved, and I was like, he looks like someone who likes to go to the gym a lot.

Brian: I was more in shape then.

Ishrat: A nice d——bag... That's why I gave you my number!

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