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    10 Of Some Of The Best Couples In Shows And Movies(in My Opinion)

    Hope you like my quiz and hope you like the couples too!

    Eleven and Mike(Stranger Things)

    Pinterest / Via I saved it

    I think these are amazing couples! I love both the characters, and they make a funny,cute, amazing couple! when Eleven "dumped mikes ass" that made me upset thinking they were not getting together again but they will always be such a cute couple! I also recomend watching stranger things too!

    Mia and Dev(The A list)

    MEAWW / Via I saved it

    I think Mia and Dev would make are amazing couples, they are very cute together, and when Mia is sad Dev would cheer her up,

    Cleo and Lewis(h20 Just add water)

    h20: just add water gifs / Via I saved it

    I think Cleo and Lewis would make a great couple! They are really cute together, and they both like each other, so whats the harm?

    Jessie and Brooks(Jessie)

    Pinterest / Via I saved it

    I think these are just amazing couples, they are so cute and amazing together, and they seem like a perfect couple. Lets give it up for Bressie!!!

    Jade And Beck(Victorious)

    Victorious / Via I saved it

    I think Jade and beck are an amazing couple, they are fun, romantic, and sometimes a tad bit intense. But we all gotta say this is a great couple.

    Aquaman and Mera(Aquman)

    aquaman / Via I saved it

    I know they only kissed once but they make amazing partnership and they are both amazing characters, and we can still include them as couples, they did kiss?

    Diana and Steve(WW1984)

    cinimaBlend / Via I saved it

    This has to be one of my favorite couples, they are amazing couples they are so cute together and amazing, and it has started since Wonder Woman.

    Beck and Junior(The little giants)

    The little giants / Via I saved it

    I know they are not exactly a couple, but they would make a nice one, they are very cute together and it is a great "couple friendship"

    Minnie and Mickey(Mickey Mouse)

    Mickey mouse / Via I saved it

    Ok we are getting into the "older classics" Mickey and Minnie a graet cartoon couple with loads of fun and adventure.

    Perdita and Pongo(101 Dalmatians)

    101 Dalmatians / Via I saved it

    We have a nice couple of dogs here, Perdita and Pongo, an amazing old couple of dogs, in an amazing old movie.

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