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6 Videos That Will Make You Feel .. Better

Good luck.

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1. That Boy Chris - ДЕН (DAY)

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The video is incredibly well-made. It's shooted and edited by a Bulgarian teenager named Chris. You should definitely watch it.

2. BuzzFeedVideo - What Do Strangers Think Of You

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I think this video personally made me realize that sometimes I'm judging myself too much.

3. Anna Akana - How do I get someone to like me?

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For me Anna is one of the best comedians on Youtube and this video proves that you don't have to change yourself to please anyone in a funny way. :)

4. PsychoSoprano - Colleen and Joshua's Wedding

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This heartmelting ceremony will break your hearts in a good way of course. :)

5. Superwoman - 5 Things You Do That Make You Unhappy

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Just watch ... and remember: Lily's awesome.

6. Katy Perry - Part Of Me

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