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23 Stages You Go Through When You Have A Crush

Isn't it so cool?

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1. When you understand that your crush actually has imperfections.

2. And when his girlfriend is now an ex.

3. When you write him first.

4. And when he writes you first.

5. When your friend tells you you're obsessed with your crush.

6. When you do or say something awkward.

7. When he asks your friend about you.

8. When you're in a flirtationship.

9. When you're trying to act sexy, but you fail ..


11. When you see him walking towards you.

12. When you talk to your friends about him.

13. When his ex is trying to get back with him.

14. And when she fails.

15. Miserably.

16. When he compliments you.

17. When you meet after a long term of flirting.

18. When he proposes.

19. And you say yes.

20. And it turns out to be a joke.

21. Oh, fudge.

22. When you remember that in every joke, there's a little bit truth.

23. When you want to kiss him so bad.

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