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12 Things You Wish You Could Get Paid For

In an ideal world, someone would be paying you to breathe. But until that day comes, you can join Ibotta here and start getting paid to shop!

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1. Making your bed.

The better your "hotel corners," the more cash you get.

2. How about getting paid to shave? Yes please.

Yes please very much. You would have the smoothest body in all the land.

3. Paying your bills on time.


Imagine if, as well as not being charged late fees, someone was paying you to pay your bills on time? Brilliant.

4. Taking out the trash.


Think about it. Nobody would ever argue about taking out the trash again. Amazing.

5. Refilling the water filter jug.


The more you fill it up, the more cash you earn.

6. Cleaning up the chips you just dropped on the floor.


That we aren't being paid to clean up after ourselves is kind of an outrage.

7. Sneezing!

Barn Raisin / BuzzFeed

Sorry, Chris. Almost sneezing doesn't count.


8. Waking up before your alarm goes off.

You following? We're only at #8, and you already have enough money to buy yourself a Reuben sandwich.

9. Folding your shirts. / Via

Now you have enough for a soda too!

10. Doing squats.

Now you're rich and you have great legs! Congratulations!

11. Going to the supermarket.

ABC / Via

It'd make grocery shopping so much more tolerable.

12. Resisting that cupcake even though you really wanted it.

This deserves a lot of money. Resisting cupcakes is hard work.

Wait! You actually can get paid to do your grocery shopping. Just download Ibotta, the free app that pays you cash whenever (and wherever) you shop.

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