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17 Of The Teeny-Tiniest Things In The World

Just because you'll need your glasses to see it doesn't mean it's not awesome. Here's the best of the un-big, including the world's smallest movie that IBM made by moving atoms.

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2. This small working dog:

Howie Williams / AP

At just just 2 1/2 pounds, Lucy holds the record for world's smallest working dog. But don't be fooled by her vest that says "therapy dog." She actually has the strength of a horse and is rather good at pulling sleighs.

3. World’s smallest movie:

For the short "A Boy And His Atom", IBM placed atoms with a scanning tunneling microscope to make its actors, props, and scenes. The lead character is a single nanometer in size (one 25 millionth the size of an inch), and Guinness World Records has certified it as the world's smallest stop-motion film.

4. This fun-sized frog:

HANDOUT / Reuters

Discovered in eastern Papua New Guinea and averaging 7.7 millimeters long, Paedophryne amauensis is the world's smallest frog. It is physically impossible for it to be not cute.

11. This dainty species of deer:


The Pudu, the world's smallest deer, is currently in danger of extinction, and without it, the world would suffer a serious loss of cuteness.

14. The world's smallest park (or is it?!):

Don Ryan / AP

Just two feet in diameter, Mill Ends Park in Portland, Oregon holds the world record. HOWEVER. This patch of land might be too small to be considered a park, as Prince's Park in England has emerged as a rival determined to usurp this prestigious, prestigious title.

16. This mini desert:


The Carcross Desert in Canada is considered to be the world's smallest. But one square mile is apparently juuuuuuuust big enough for the Prime Minister Stephen Harper to do some four-wheeling.

17. This nano-sized newspaper:

STRINGER / Reuters

A special edition of Terra Nostra, a newspaper printed in Ponta Delgada, holds this world record. (If there were a crossword puzzle, it'd probably just have room for a single letter.)

Inspired by the world's smallest stop-motion movie:

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