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11 Animated GIFs You Can Practically Hear

Have you ever tried to hear with your eyes? IBM and James Murphy can hear music in tennis data. They're turning real-time U.S. Open stats into live soundtracks that play to the rhythm of the matches. Can you hear music in data, too? We whipped up a series of animated GIFs inspired by some of the most iconic songs out there. How many can you guess by GIF alone? Click here to learn more about the U.S. Open Sessions and listen.

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1. This love letter to the big city:

Christina Lu / BuzzFeed

Because, really — who wouldn't want to wake up in the city that never sleeps?

2. This rocking rock 'n' roll classic:

Pro Tip: You probably sang this at every baseball game you ever went to.

3. This spooky, sinister pop song:

As Drake once said, "All you need's a bleeping red jacket with some zippers."

4. This iconic theme that's gonna need a bigger boat:

Don't go in the water. Seriously, you're gonna ruin your laptop. What's wrong with you.

5. This floaty indie-rock anthem:

Good news for people who love great GIFs!

6. This garage rock tune that's kind of a stroke of genius:

Come on, you know this one. You ain't wastin' no more time.

7. This shot of classic bar rock:

You might even say that this GIF is a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

8. This magical glam rock anthem:

To be fair it's not magic -- it's an illusion.

9. This synth-y pop masterpiece:

Best viewed when wearing an energy dome, obviously.

10. This quintessential classic of classical music:

The most victorious of classical tunes!

11. This '80s pop jam that's, quite frankly, no stranger to love:

Paging YouTube circa 2007.

What happens when data and music meet?

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Experience the U.S. Open Sessions, a groundbreaking collaboration between James Murphy and IBM, and find out how data taken from the world's foremost tennis players can be transformed into music.