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    Five Delicious Recipes For Indoors Grilling

    Winters call for outdoor grilling as the weather is friendly enough to let you function outside, however; in summers, the demand for indoor grilling increases as the hot temperature outside can cause problems in outdoor grilling. As summers are around the corner, people are busy setting up their indoor grills so that they can enjoy their BBQ even when the weather is not in their favor. There is a list of mouthwatering recipes that can help you enjoy any season. Five delicious recipes for indoor grilling includes the following:

    BBQ Chicken

    The typical and the most common BBQ recipe are the traditional BBQ chicken legs or BBQ chicken roast. Everyone loves this traditional recipe mainly because it reminds them of their childhood. Make up your own spicy sauce and coat your chicken in that sauce. Leave it over the night so that the sauce penetrates into the chicken, which will enhance the flavor of your dish. Bake the chicken in the oven for at least 35-40 minutes so that the chicken is cooked properly. Serve with corns or boiled vegetables just the way you like it.

    BBQ Mutton Chops

    Mutton is the absolute favorite of every food lover. Some people prefer it to be spicy whereas others prefer it to be a balanced dish. You can add variations to your BBQ Mutton chops according to your own preferences. Various recipes are available online, which can explain you the marination process in a step-by-step manner. Serve your BBQ mutton chops with plain white rice or boiled potatoes.

    Grilled Fish with Salsa Sauce

    Who doesn’t love grilled fish? It is the absolute favorite of every person if it is served with a proper side. Marinate your fish in lemon or vinegar overnight in order to get rid of the smell the fish might have. Now, marinate it in your favorite spices and condiments. Grill the fish on a griller or bake it in the oven in light oil, till it is golden brown in color on both the sides. Now serve it with the salsa sauce that is full of flavors. However, people should keep in mind that if they are planning to serve their grilled food with salsa sauce the spices and marination of the meat should be balanced enough to create a mouthwatering flavor. Grilled Fish can also be served with tartar sauce.

    Grilled Steak

    Grilled Steak is another dish that fits perfectly for indoor grilling. It depends on your preference that whether you want chicken, beef or mutton steak. Grilling time would vary according to the type of meat you are using. However, in order to make your steak look appealing serve it with sautéed vegetables or mashed potatoes on the side. The sauce that you are going to serve with your steak depends on the type of flavors you want. Black pepper sauce compliments all three kinds of meat. Pineapple sauce tastes divine with chicken whereas honey mustard sauce goes perfectly with beefsteak. Make sure that your beef and mutton steak is thoroughly cooked.

    Shrimp or Prawn Skewers

    Seafood lovers can grill their shrimp and prawns by marinating them in their favorite sauces. The most delicious sauce is the peanut sauce. It compliments the original flavor of shrimps and prawns. Serve your skewers on a bed of fresh vegetables with the peanut sauce on the side.

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