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7 Rounds Of "This Or That" With Jerry Springer

BuzzFeed sat down with '90s royalty Jerry Springer at New York Comic Con and played a quick game of "This or That" with him.

1. Superman or Batman?

"When I was a little kid ... I was picked on a lot. So, what I finally did, with the help of my mom, is I got a Superman outfit and I would wear it under my clothes to school. And I felt strong."

2. Archie or Jughead?

"Jughead is a goofball. I'd have to say Archie."

3. Captain America or Iron Man?

"My 6-year-old grandson is starting to get into all this — but right now I ask him who's his superhero and he goes, 'Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry!'"

4. Wonder Woman or Storm?

"I'm going to put Halle Berry — I don't care who she plays."

5. Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

"I was in The Simpsons ... so, Homer."

6. Wolverine or Cyclops?

"You can't go against Hugh Jackman."

7. Betty or Veronica

"A ménage à trois."