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    23 Of The Most Buffy Outfits Buffy Ever Wore

    "...I'm not exactly quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots..."

    1. The Earth Is Definitely Doomed Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: It says, "I mean business but I'll still meet you at The Bronze later."

    Rating: 3 Dates Joyce Summers Went On Where She Didn't Die Afterwards

    2. The Betrayed By A Friend Overalls


    The Look: Being an Inca mummy is hard, being slayer who gets her asskicked by an Inca mummy is worse.

    Rating: 4 Willows Crying

    3. The Trying Too Hard To Impress My Much Older Boyfriend Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: "I'm down with out of date culture/ye olden times"

    Rating: 4 Bridesmaid Dresses Picked Out By Anya

    4. The Quintessential 90s Teen Slayer Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: The skirt! the socks! The hair clip! All iconic!

    Rating: 3 Spikes Giving The Thumbs Up

    5. The Quintessential 90s Teen Slayer Outfit With Boots

    WB / Via

    The Look: See above but, you know, with boots.

    Rating: 4 Buffys Kicking Angelus In The Junk

    6. The Going To Prom But Still Having To Fight Evil That Has Fruit Punch Mouth Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: A sensible prom dress, a sensible leather jacket, and an even more sensible crossbow.

    Rating: 5 Prom Queen Tiaras

    7. The Almost As Dated As Moloch The Corruptor Cheetah Print Outfits


    The Look: The cheetah print lets you know she could audition for The Real Housewives of Sunnydale if she weren't too busy slaying and fighting cyber demons.

    Rating: 3 Of Willow's Spells Gone Wrong

    8. The I'm Going To Kiss Angel Because It's The End Of Days Denim Jacket Outfit

    UPN / Via

    The Look: A stylish jacket goes a long way when you're trying to prevent The First from killing your friend/taking over Sunnydale.

    Rating: 4 Times Cordelia Walked Through The Halls of Sunnydale High Looking Like A Queen

    9. The This Jacket Will Look Really Cool When I'm Running In Slow Motion And Going To Find Out Just How Dark This Show Will Get Outfit




    The Look: Iconic slayer fashion with some equally iconic running.

    Rating: 5 Buffys Smashing Glory With Olaf's Hammer


    WB / Via

    The Look: She's dressed to impress/be unfairly attacked her friends and family.

    Rating: 4 Dawns Crying

    11. The Inconspicuous Knit Hat Outfits


    The Look: She's been hanging out with Faith too much.

    Rating: 3 Watchers Cleaning Their Glasses

    12. The Slayers Who Train Together Wear High Waisted Shorts Together Outfits

    WB / Via

    The Look: ~cue training montage~

    Rating: 2 Faiths Saying, "Five-By-Five"

    13. The I'm Not Having Very Much Fun In This Hell Dimension Outfit

    WB / Via


    Rating: 3 Vengeance Demon Amulets

    14. The What Even Was The Weather In Sunnydale Turtleneck Outfits


    The Look: It apparently got really cold in Sunnydale after they graduated.

    Rating: 2 Buffys Shrugging

    15. The Switched Bodies With Faith Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: For when a kind-of evil slayer takes over your body and decides to pick out your clothes.

    Rating: 3 Willow Side-Eyes

    16. The I'm About To Graduate High School And Fight Faith To The Kinda Death outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: Red pleather means no one can see the blood of your enemies.. Arguably her most iconic look (that was made into two different action figures that are maybe sitting on my desk).

    Rating: 5 Rocket Launchers

    17. The Everything Is Sad And Terrible Red Outfits

    WB / Via

    The Look: It works well for a slayer when she's finding her mother dead in the living room or singing about being torn out of Heaven.

    Rating: 5 Anyas Being Stood Up At The Altar

    18. The I'm A Young Valley Girl Slayer With A Lollipop Outfits


    The Look: The outfit really screams, "How do you use this stake? I mean, I'm from California!"

    Rating: 3 Vampyr Books

    19. The College Freshman Cherry Print Dress Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: College is a perfect time to start wearing some sensible new prints while walking around campus, slaying, and having your dreams invaded by the First Slayer.

    Rating: 3 Potential Slayers

    20. The She Saved The World A Lot Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: A great outfit that really lets the demons, vampires, and Hell Gods know, "Conversation's over, Hell-bitch!"

    Rating: 5 Drawings Done By Giles

    21. The Slayer Expriments With Hairclips In High School Outfits


    The Look: Sometimes a little hair accessory can go a long way when slaying vamps or dating a closeted Scott Hope.

    Rating: 3 Times Xander Stripped That One Summer

    22. The I'm Going To Close the Hellmouth And Kill A Bunch Of Uber Vamps Outfit

    UPN / Via

    The Look: A nice khaki number with skinny jeans, sensible heels, and the Slayer Scythe all scream, "I'm cookie dough, motherfuckers!"

    Rating: 5 Buffys Telling The First To Get Out Of Her Face

    23. The Drunk Cavegirl Outfit

    WB / Via

    The Look: Beer bad, outfit worse.

    Rating: 5 Dawns Screaming

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