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    12 Pop Stars Who Are Secretly Aliens

    The truth is out there and the truth is a pop song.

    1. Britney Spears

    RCA Records

    Home Planet: Cybertron (Transformers)

    She's most definitely a robot in disguise, how else do explain all her different looks and her ability to always make a comeback? Oops, Optimus Prime did it again, AMIRITE?!

    2. One Direction

    Columbia Records
    Warner Bros

    Home Planet: Thundera (Thundercats)

    Just look at those faces and tell me they're not gorgeous cat-people. That's what makes THEM beautiful.

    3. Madonna

    Maverick Records

    Home Planet: Skrullos aka The Skrull Homeworld (Marvel)

    She can shapeshift to fit into any time period she wants and even started her own Secret Invasion of strong female popstars.

    4. Cher

    Warnes Bros. Records

    Home Planet: Gallifrey (Doctor Who)

    She stopped aging at some point. Also, her Twitter account. I'm sure she has a Tardis somewhere that can turn back time.

    5. Beyoncé

    Columbia Records
    DC Comics

    Home Planet: Krypton (Superman)

    Kryptonian's are flawless and Beyoncé woke up like that.

    6. Panic! At the Disco

    Atlantic Records
    Paramount Pictures

    Home Planet: Vulcan (Star Trek)

    Brendon Urie can put me in a vulcan death grip anyday.

    7. Marina and the Diamonds

    Elektra Records
    DC Comics

    Home Planet: Tamaran (Teen Titans)

    She'll smash you through a wall if you call her a robot.

    8. Lorde

    Universal Music Group
    DC Comics

    Home Planet: Bizarro World (Superman)

    Her dancing, which is a flawless bizarro version of any dance Beyoncé does.

    9. The Spice Girls


    Home Planet: Titan (The Eternals)

    When they said, "Say You'll Be There," they meant forever because, you know, they're immortal.

    10. Kesha

    RCA Records

    Home Planet: Eternia (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)

    She's constantly covered in paint and or shiny armor. She fights with unicorns.

    11. Lady Gaga

    Universal Music group
    Starling Films

    Home Planet: Mongo (Flash Gordon)

    She was once hatched from egg. I mean, come on. She'd take down Ming The Merciless in a fashion show.

    12. Tegan and Sara

    DC Comics

    Home Planet: Exxor (DC Comis/Super Friends)

    Form of: Awesome pop rock band twins!

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