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23 Ladies Who Would've Killed It As Vampire Slayers

These ladies would've slayed in more ways than one.

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1. Tina Belcher

Fox / Via

What Would've Happened: Tina's erotic friend fiction about her, Spike, and a zombie would've rivaled anything you'd find on the internet (not that I've, uh, read any of it).

Slayage Level: Buffy saying how Angel and Spike should wrestle and "...there could be oil of some kind involved."

2. River Tam

Fox / Via


Slayage Level: Buffy fighting the Knights of Byzantium on top of the moving RV.

3. Alice

Sony Pictures / Via

What Would've Happened: The Umbrella Company would've taken over Sunnydale even though Alice murdered everything.

Slayage Level: Buffy slaying an Ubervamp with the Slayer Scythe while other slayers do flips in the background.

5. Ilana and Abbi

Comedy Central / Via

What Would've Happened: Vapelife and vampire-slaying life just MAKE SENSE TOGETHER.

Slayage Level: Faith saying, "Good thing we're hot chicks with superpowers."

6. Storm

Marvel / Via

What Would've Happened: You know what would've helped fight the demons that plagued Sunnydale? A mutant goddess with control of the weather.

Slayage Level: Buffy running in slow motion in that blue jacket.

7. Sidney Prescott

Dimension Films / Via

What Would've Happened: Angelus would've been old news to her.

Slayage Level: Buffy telling Angel to close his eyes before stabbing him and sending him into a hell dimension.

11. Lana Winters

FX / Via

What Would've Happened: She would've gotten her story on Briarcliff Manor a lot sooner...and probably would have blown the place up.

Slayage Level: Buffy walking toward Sunnydale High in her prom dress, on her way to kill The Master.

12. Veronica Mars

CW / Via

What Would've Happened: Veronica is hired to find out why a nurse named Ben keeps showing up late to work in full drag.

Slayage Level: Buffy saying she's cookie dough.

15. Ellen Ripley

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

What Would've Happened: "Get away from her, you bitch," Ripley would've screamed from her Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader as she pulverized Glory and saved Dawn.

Slayage Level: Buffy fighting the Queller Demon.

16. Liz Lemon

ABC / Via

What Would've Happened: Jenna would've turned evil the moment she found out Liz was trying to take the spotlight off of her by being the slayer.

Slayage Level: Every encounter Buffy has with Harmony.

18. Mindy Lahiri

Fox / Via

What Would've Happened: "I get it, you're evil, relax," Mindy says before slaying Angelus in the middle of the mall.

Slayage Level: Buffy picking out her outfits in the first episode.

20. Sophia Burset

Netflix / Via

What Would've Happened: She would've educated all the other slayers on vaginas AND fighting evil.

Slayage Level: Buffy and Faith fighting before graduation day.

21. All of the Clones From Orphan Black

BBC / Via


Slayage Level: The entire slayer army at the end of Chosen.

22. Black Widow

Fox / Via

What Would've Happened: She would've found out about The Initiative before Riley ever locked eyes with her.

Slayage Level: Buffy pushing Doc off the metal ledge on her way to save Dawn.

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