16 Gifts "Sharknado 2" Gave The World


    1. "Think Pieces."

    24 hours from now, you'll be swimming in Sharknado 2 thinkpieces. Enjoy your life 'til then.

    2. Second leases on life.

    @PerezHilton gave his life so Jared from Subway could live. He is a real American hero. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne

    3. Tara Reid's dulcet tones.

    BRB, changing my ringtone to Tara Reid crying. #Sharknado2

    4. Next season of The Real World.

    Andy Dick! Downtown Julie Brown! Billy Ray Cyrus! OMG #Sharknado2 is like the modern day Love Boat.

    5. How To Survive a Sharknado, New York Times bestseller.

    The most unrealistic thing about #Sharknado2 is Tara Reid writing a book.

    6. 32 oz of freedom.

    Ian Ziering is being given dangerous weapons outlawed in NYC to fight off sharks. So when will he be given a 32 oz Big Gulp? #Sharknado2

    7. #UrbanLegend2k14

    The other way to get rid of a sharknado is to make it say its name backwards. #Sharknado2

    8. Tara Reid's audition for the next Evil Dead.

    I thought @TaraReid couldn't get any more perfect... Then they put a circular saw on her hand. #FlawFree #InternationalBadass #sharknado2

    9. The latest volume of Zagat.

    Whoever wrote #Sharknado2 must have heard about New York from a three TV commercials and a meth addict who visited once.

    10. The next great Syfy hit.

    .@SyfyTV, okay what about Barknado with adorable blood thirsty puppies?

    11. People to unfollow.

    Unfollowing everyone who wasn't in Sharknado 2

    12. Sharknado 2: The Feminine Mystique.

    #Sharknado2 passes the Bechdel test because ladies are talking to each other about sharks. And then being eaten by sharks.

    13. The ability to let it go.


    Spoiler Alert: At the end of Sharknado 2, Samuel L Jackson asks Tara Reid to join The Avengers.

    15. A search for a missing hand.

    I hope they find Tara Reid's hand @SharknadoSyfy

    16. An Oscar-worthy film.

    Well, #Sharknado2... due to the most technical definition... you were a movie.