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    • iant5

      A message from across the pond.
      To all American’s who believe in god yet hate gay rights. GETALIFE. The bible was put together(andIsay this because it is not one book) centuries after Jesus supposedly died. It is made up of various parchments written byavariety of people over many years. These stories contradict themselves in many areas and are not meant to be taken literally. The bible is there to give guidance in treating others in the same way you would like to be treated yourself.If you read it through, you will notice that it is written by men and many of the statements would be seen as sexist today, yetIdon’t here the female population screaming about inequality.Itherefore assume that female Christians do not live by the word of the bible. If they did, they would be the one’s protesting. Isn’t this just another influence of the hate preachers. Come on America, stand against these idiots and do what’s right.

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