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    15 Of The Wildest Travel Stories That'll Make You Laugh Or Cry

    When you decide to strap on a backpack, you are essentially inviting all kinds of weirdness into your life. Here are Travel Bloggers' wildest, most incredible anecdotes from their time on the road.

    1. Speakeasy & Salsa - A Night Out in Quito

    Resfeber / Via

    Things went from a few quiet beers after a long bus journey to completely out of hand. A night out can very quickly escalate in the Ecuadorian capital. (click the blue link above to read the full story)

    2. When Things Go Bump In The Night

    Janis Couvreux / Via

    When you're awoken by a loud noise late at night, whilst on your sailboat, in a strange and foreign port. With your family on-board, you're bound to start freaking out. A classic, award winning travel tale from Janis Couvreax.

    3. That Time a Hippo Attacked Me in South Africa

    Curb Free with Cory Lee / Via

    As a wheelchair adventurer, Cory Lee's access-all-areas travel is an inspiration to millions but it does mean getting out of the way of a Hippo in attack mode is no easy task.

    4. Hitting The Wall

    Winging The World / Via The Great Wall of China

    When you reluctantly accept a tour to the Great Wall of China from a strange man on the street, then look under the seat in his car and see a giant knife! Stay safe, guys.

    5. A Girl, a Photo and an Earthquake: An Astonishing Connection Over 20+ Years

    Whole World Wide Toys / Via

    The connections that we make as travellers can be profoundly important, to us and those we connect with. What a story.

    6. Triple Breakdown Mongolia

    Food Fun Travel / Via Not To Travel Mongolia

    Take a trip in a van named “Turquoise Disaster” with a three-pronged breakdown of 1) communication 2) engine and 3) emotions. No one said it would be easy.

    7. I Was Accused of Being An Islamic State Spy

    Against The Compass / Via

    Crossing borders can sometimes be a bit tricky. But it's kind of an essential component if you're planning to travel. Yikes.

    8. Stranded In Istanbul During 2016 Military Coup

    Drifter Planet / Via

    Imagine, if you opened the curtains in your hotel room, to see tanks rolling down the street? Oh my giddy aunt.

    9. Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

    Practical Wanderlust / Via

    You know what they say: "Accident prone? Stay at home". Or you could completely ignore that and get stuck halfway down a waterfall. Totally up to you.

    10. Travelling High, Breathing Deep

    Resfeber Travel Blog / Via

    One backpacker learns that the highest capital city on earth is probably not the best place to contract a lung disease. And getting down is NOT easy.

    11. Hanging With Japanese Mafia Drinking Snake Juice

    Kristopher Pritchard / Photograph: Kristopher Pritchard / Via

    What's that you say... "The Snake juice and coke mixture was a little too intense, even for a night in The Red Light District of Tokyo". Errr, okay.

    12. The Time I Shat Myself In A Tibetan Monastery

    NOMADasaurus / Via Time I Shat Myself In A Tibetan Monastery

    When you gotta go, you gotta go!

    13. Put Up by a Porn Surfing Policeman

    4 Corners 7 Seas / Via

    That awkward moment when you ask your host to send an email and there's a bunch of porn videos, playing on his computer.

    14. Petting a Crocodile in Bangladesh

    197 Travel Stamps / Via

    Not sure if this is brave or stupid but that is one hell of a Facebook profile pic.

    15. Volunteering During The Ebola Crisis

    Two Dusty Travellers / Via

    Wow! Just wow!