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14 Hippest European Holiday Destinations For 2018

Are you sick of following the heard down to Greece on holiday? Was your last break a little bit Lanzagrotty? Don't worry, here are Europe's hippest new holiday destinations to avoid any possibility of Tenegrief. Book now to get ahead of the curve.

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1. Andorra

Resfeber Travel Blog / Via

A skiing mecca in winter, Andorra is now also incredible in summer, as an adventure holiday destination. If hiking and cycling sounds a bit too energetic, then a driving holiday through the winding mountain passes of the pyrenees is equally epic. With tax free shopping, luxury goods are half the normal price in the capital, Andorra La Vella.

2. Svalbard

Megan Starr / Via

You've seen Fortitude on TV, now go and experience one of the most isolated communities in the world, in person. Deep into the arctic circle, Svalbard is one of the most rugged, adventurous holiday destinations in the world.

3. Montenegro

Pommie Travels / Via

With immaculate beaches, azure blue waters and cavernous mountain slopes, Montenegro is the new jewel of the Dalmatian Coast. Trek round quaint market towns without bumping into a million cruise ship tourists or Game Of Thrones superfans and come home properly relaxed.

4. San Sebastian

SF Eats In SF / Via

This one is for the foodies. The Basque town also known as Donostia, on the Bay Of Biscay, has nine Michelin Star restaurants, which is one of the highest concentrations anywhere in the world. Slump onto the beaches after a big feed. Buen provecho!

5. Brasov

Two Drifters / Via

This central Romanian city is a little known secret, bursting with things to do. See Gothic architecture, visit stately homes, go skiing or check out the bear sanctuary. Perhaps its best known for being the home to Dracula's real life castle - Bran Castle. Freaky as hell.

6. South Tyrol

Be My Travel Muse / Via

Breathtaking landscapes litter the northern Italian province of Bolzano. A host of adventurous sports await, with rock climbing as number one on the list. Add into the mix Italian food and wine and you're in heaven.

7. Porto

Migrating Miss / Via

Quaint buildings, an array of beaches, weird sandwiches and one mighty fine looking bookshop are among the many amazing things Porto has to offer. As Lisbon's less visited little sister you can travel here for next to nothing too.

8. Reykjavik

Resfeber Travel Blog / Via

Still a pricey place to visit but with Geothermal wonders and the Northern Lights, it's hard to ignore. Reykjavik's hospitality scene is now booming too and has many hip hangouts with which to warm your bones in, after a cold day out in the snow and ice.

9. Tallinn

Global Help Swap / Via

Like going back in time five hundreds years but they still have wifi, Estonia's capital city is a mix of the old and the new. Descibed as one of the best looking cities in Europe, Tallinn is starting to attract adventurers, despite being a little out the way.

10. Seville & Cadiz

You Could Travel / Via

Spend your days, lazing on the beaches of Cadiz in the oldest city in Europe. Then in the evening, hit the Flamenco bars of historic Seville - just make sure you don't drink too much of the local wine and get lost in the narrow, winding city centre streets.

11. Krakow

Intrepid Travel / Via

Great food, nice coffee houses, quirky bars and all at great prices. Krakow is an Eastern European gem, packed full of history and architecture. Plus 'Krakow' must be one of the best names for a city, ever.

12. Lviv

Wandertooth / Via

No, I don't know how to pronounce it either but this vibrant, artistic city in the Western regions of Ukraine is a UNESCO world heritage site and must-see destination. Check out it's many bronze statues, hilltop vistas and a shit load of Lada cars.

13. Basel

Europe Diaries / Via

Sitting on the Swizz-French-German border, Basel in a melting pot of European cultures. You could even have breakfast, lunch and dinner in different countries if you wish. Or get in the slow lane and enjoy a cruise down the river Rhine.

14. San Vincente

Cool Of The Wild / Via

Hit the waves in Northern Spain's best kept surfing secret. You might not be hanging ten on these waves but regular intermediate level surfing makes this spot one of the best in Europe to get on your boardies.

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