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Sex, lies, videotapes and HIV

A quick chat with porn icon Blue Bailey on living with HIV and the industry.

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Recently we observed a discourse between Blue Bailey, an iconic young adult entertainer and an angry individual via his Facebook page. The person basically began cyber bullying Blue about his career in porn and his HIV status – we wont go into the details because the sentiments were being reprehensible however we admired how he handled the discourse.

This coupled with his announcement that he would be retiring from porn to pursue law prompted us to reach out to him for an interview.

1.So Blue let's get you introduced to our audience: How old are you and where are you from?

I am twenty-seven years old and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have lived in San Francisco for almost ten years.

2.How long have you been in adult entertainment?

I have been in the adult entertainment industry for at least eight years.

3.What got you into porn and especially bareback porn?

A fuckbuddy of mine recruited me to be in a scene with him. I play bareback off camera, so it was never an issue to play bareback on camera. I never intended porn to be my career; so filming bareback would never affect any desire to work with mainstream companies.

4.How long have you been HIV Positive?

I have been positive and undetectable since 2007.

5.Do you mind sharing with us how old you were when you got your status and the circumstances of it?

I believe I was nineteen when I tested positive. I was neither surprised nor devastated when I found out. I had been injecting crystal and having high-risk sex for about a year at that point. Perhaps if PrEP was available at that time, I would still be negative today.

6.Do you still use Crystal?

I do no use crystal.

7.If no, what was the experience like getting off it?

It was certainly a journey getting off of it. There were many stumbling points but eventually it ceased all together

8.From your social media feeds, sometimes you are a target being Poz and in the sex industry; how do you cope with this?

HIV and AIDS carry a strong negative connotation, even more so for people who lived through the first infections. While I share this community and have educated myself on the issue, I have not had that experience. I have not had friends die due to complications arising from HIV infection, and I have not had any major problems myself arising from HIV. The only experience I have with HIV is my own, and that is of a person who is healthy and not living in fear of death from AIDS complications. People who don't share my experience have targeted me either for an alleged lack of disrespect due to their own experiences or of sheer ignorance of how the virus and medications operate today.

9.Got any advice for our readers who may consider getting into porn?

I do not take advice, and I do not give advice.

10.Dating must be interesting; do you tend to date guys within the industry or average Joe's and what impact does your status and porn career have on relationships for you?

I tend to date guys within the industry because my status and work in porn usually do not have an impact on the relationship. I recently started dating a former model and escort. I love that we can both openly discuss previous shared work experiences, but that our work in the industry does not define our relationship. It is a nice change of pace from dating other active models.

11.What is the one myth you want to dispel about being HIV positive?

I think it is important for people to know that more and more research is supporting that persons with undetectable viral loads do not transmit the virus.

12.With the introduction of PreP and PeP do you think this will change the sex work and adult entertainment industry?

Absolutely, PrEP has a high efficacy rate. Put simply, it works. I think all negative models should be on PrEP to keep themselves safe. In fact, safer sex can now be interpreted as taking a pre exposure prophylactic. Contrary to what Michael Weinstein and the AHF would like you to think, condoms are only one option available. This same oppression and slut shaming occurred when women started to take birth control. I don't see a difference with PrEP/PEP.

13.So, you're retired from the industry and switching into law: what type of law do you see yourself perusing?

My goal is to transfer to New York or LA and specialize in entertainment law. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts, and I'd like to continue working with the media. Id addition, I'd also like to legally advocate for persons living with HIV and the kink community.

14.How do you think your porn history will affect your legal career?

Time will tell. From the research I've done and contacts I've spoken with, I should have no issue passing the BAR if I'm upfront and honest about my past.

15.2014 is almost over, will be hearing or seeing more from you in 2015 or are you going to throw yourself completely into the law?

Sure, I still pursue photography and other media projects. I'd like to use my success and name to advocate for young men living with HIV and/or dealing with crystal addiction. Over spring break, I will be travelling to New Zealand to film a documentary. I also may work on a PrEP advocacy media campaign while I'm there. Aside from that, I'm putting my effort into my schoolwork, so that I can have a competitive transfer application. I am set on moving to NYC.

16.What's a talent that many people don't know about?

I am really good at memorizing song lyrics.

17.Ok, so we saw you dancing in a clip on facebook: why don't you do it more? It was fun to watch!

I don't do it more often because I am a horrible dancer and self-conscious about it That's why I don't ever GoGo. I'm a big fan of Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. I dance around to it in my underwear at home all the time, and I've gotten fan requests to make a video. Since she is the SF Giants good luck charm, I figured I'd dance around in my Giants gear and orange undies. After all, she dances almost as badly as I do, and the song makes me happy.

Blue brings several issues to the forefront, the major one being that the shape of the HIV response has changed dramatically over the years – yet the mainstream media seems to burry the facts and people remain woefully uneducated. These days knowing your status, getting the proper treatment and education on the virus are the sure fire ways to stay healthy and to keep you and your sexual partners at low risk.

We applaud him for his approach to advocacy and also for being so frank with the taboos and myths of the porn industries and HIV. It is evident that Mr. Bailey has a bright future ahead in the Law, and while most will miss his escapades on screen, we remain confident that he will have massive impact on the sex industries and entertainment on a whole in the courtroom.

For more on Blue Bailey visit his Facebook page, and on Twitter @bluebaileyxxx and rise to his challenge and do some research on "Undetectable", "PreP" and "PeP!".

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