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Film Review: Mala Mala - A Transgender Story

A review on the film Mala Mala that's taking the world by storm.

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Transgender Film Mala Mala a hit at the T&T and International Film Festivals

The thing about a great film is that it takes you into a different story from your own and consumes you for the time you're in the theatre. Mala Mala's appearance at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival couldn't be more timely, as it tells the stories of a very neglected part of society – the Transgender and Drag community.

With LGBT rights buzzing around Trinbago, this film showcases the lives of Puerto Rican Trans and Drag in a documentary style that is spellbinding. Let me take a moment to explain in case you're reading this and do not understand the terms. The Transgender encompasses gender identification i.e. relating yourself to a gender different to the one you were born in. Under this umbrella term we have two major sub-categories – Transsexuals who undergo surgical transformations to achieve their gender identification and DragQueens/Kings who transform in less invasive ways, usually for the sake of performance and entertainment.

Often times the issues and civil rights of these two communities are often neglected and overlooked even in the most modern societies. What this film does is introduces the concept of gender transformation despite adversities in culture and legal rights. The stories break barriers in what we consider normal in today's society and the film leaves you questioning your socialization. The perspectives of the directors, Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini, are very avant-garde especially for this genre of film and it is coupled with such beautiful cinematography – no wonder it has created such a buzz internationally. We encourage you to stay posted to Facebook for more information on the films distribution and to the TT Film Festival, we are sure this movie will be screened again!

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