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Book Review: The Vines, Christopher Rice

A short review on the bestselling author's newest book!

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Christopher Rice ties you up in tightly in The Vines!


International Best Seller Christopher Rice takes you for a spin down a supernatural roller coaster with his new book The Vines. His second offering in the genre, it does not disappoint and grabs you from the opening chapter straight to the end with plot twists that are dark and thrilling.

Set in New Orleans, the book deals with themes of infidelity, murder mystery and historical oppression. That sounds like quite a bit to touch on in one novel, but he does it masterfully, set on the backdrop of an old plantation house that has a sinister life of its own.

The transitions between modern day and French colonial slavery are exquisite and leaves the reader intrigued throughout the narrative. Rice also creates a beautiful mythology infused with a thriller that give you many shocks and oh my God moments in every chapter.

He definitely has another hit on his hands, which will be available for download on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Apps.

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