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11 Trini Women Who Own Their Spaces In Fashion

Seen a few lists going around about some of our women in T&T and I decided to just clear the air and create a list of models and personalties from T&T that are owning their talent at home and abroad.

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1. Marisa Mahadeo

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I call her the Bollywood Princess, this model is also a teacher and I really wish that someone would just send her to Miss Universe already! She's an extremely versatile model and very fun to work with as well!

2. Michelene Auguste

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One of the true top models to come out of Trinidad and Tobago, Michelene has been slaying runways all over the world! Born and raised in Port of Spain, this girl is a tall drink of water and a timeless beauty!

3. Sarah Jane Waddell


Former Miss World semi finalist, SJW has catapulted her career on the island, she's been modeling, hosting TV shows and still keeps up with her community work with at risk youth.

4. Dominique Armorer Mason


Another ranking top model and sister of the soil, Dominique has been on magazines, billboards, campaigns and runways the world over. She's also a mom and a businesswoman!

5. Soowan Bramble

Laura Ferreira

Dubbed the Kate Moss of the Caribbean, Soowan just does not ever take a bad photo! She's won international modeling competitions and has owned the Carnival stage for many years! She's also a joy to work with. Did I mention she can't take a bad photo?

7. Danielle Matouk


Another girl I would love to see at Miss Universe, Danielle is a business woman and one of the edgiest models working right now in the Republic. Her looks are stunning and she has a wide range in front of the camera!

8. Mary Esdelle

Gary Jordan & Fantasy Carnival/ Entice Carnival

There's something about Mary, and there always has been. Mary has grown tremendously from when we first saw her on the Miss T&T Universe stage some years ago, she's always perfection on runway or in print and damn girls got legs for days!

9. Krystyna-Lee Solange Alexander

Gary Jordan and Fantasy Carnival/ Entice Carnival

Fairly new to the scene, she's still slaying every shoot she's in, and she's also quite fun to follow on Social Media, Krys has one of the most unique looks in the girls on the forefront today and she knows her angles and how to make them pop on camera.

10. Sian McIntosh


I've been crushing hard on Sian for years now, and still blush like a school boy whenever our paths cross! She's a Monday Wear designing powerhouse that has curves that make you say ahhhhhhhh!

12. Honorable Mention: LaToya Woods


Even though LaToya has been out of the lime light and focused on her business, she popped up on Social Media recently saying "Hi, It's been a while" and well we miss you girl!

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