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10 Things To Know When Taking Nudies

Some key notes on taking nude photos, because you know shit gets real on the internet!

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Recently an onslaught of nude photos were leaked of women from Trinidad and Tobago which lead to subsequent "slut shaming" and holy than thou posts as per usual for our pretend repressed sexual island.

Truth is, we all have done it at some point and life would be all the more easier and much more fun if we would just admit - Hey! We like sex! And we like doing sexy things!

This being said in the age of the internet where everything can be found, traced and reposted there are just some common sense rules to enjoy sexy fun and not risk your reputation - that is if you have shame of course...

So here are just 10 nifty rules you should follow when taking Sexy Photos & or Videos because getting horny happens with really good smart phone cameras these days:

1) Photos of your face and your genitals usually are not a good one or the other, never both - because you know ...reasons!

2) Personal grooming should be a thing because no one likes messy privates and its not sexy, unless thats your fetish.

3) Tastefully hide or cover identifiable birthmarks or tattoos.

4) Delete photos from your phone or lock your devices properly.

5) Always have a "Wheres my iPhone" or "Lookout" for android application or something similar on your phone, if its ever lost or stolen it can wipe off the content with the click of a button.

6) Ensure the persons you're engaging in sexy time with are trustworthy.

7) Be wary of people who want you to send pics and wont return the favor - those people are shady as hell!

8) Take note of the backgrounds of the place you take the pics, make sure theres nothing in the image that can actually be traced back to you.

9) Try not to send these kinds of pics to random strangers...again unless thats your fetish

10) Be legal! If you're under the age of 18 (or whatever the consenting age for sex is in your neck of the woods) and sending nudes to people, thats no bueno go read a book !

*Bonus tip: Dont store said images on drives, cloud or otherwise because those things get hacked too.

All in all, sex and sexuality is something to be explored and enjoyed but with people you trust and love. Just have a little common sense where photos and videos are concerned and think: "If this shows up in public, would I be screwed?" and let that be your guide to the content you share sexually or otherwise.

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