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7 Ultimate Cruise Holiday Hacks

7 fantastic cruise holiday hacks to make sure you get the very best out your cruise holiday!

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1. Pack Your Magnets! / Via

In essence a cruise ship is really just a big piece of floating metal & that includes your cabin. Even though your cabin walls don't look or feel metallic, they are. Pack your magnets & organize important documents like cocktail invitations on your cabin wall.

3. Take An Over The Door Shoe Organizer / Via

Cruise cabin bathroom are tiny. If you want to store more than a two toothpicks and a travel toothbrush pack a bathroom door organizer to store all your beauty essentials and maximize cabin space!

5. Pack Your Air Freshner / Via

This might sound like a strange one but a lack of cabin toilet ventilation fans and all you can eat buffets can be quite a powerful combination. Take an air freshener or aromatherapy oils to deal with those unwanted bathroom smells!

7. Consult Your Bible

Some cruisers use their cabin bible for more than spiritual guidance. Cruisers often leave unused drink cards or coupons in their bibles. Be sure to check yours for a welcome suprise

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