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6 Whiskey Infused Beers You Need To Try Right Now

Whiskey infused beer is a thing and it is fantastic. Combining two of the greatest things in existence, here are 6 whiskey infused beers you need in your life!

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1. Tennents Beer Aged with Whiskey Oak / Via

This absolute beauty is a lager and ale hybrid that is aged with Speyside Single Malt Whiskey infused oak and thanks to some American hops it is warming on the palate and fruity on the nose. Pick up a bottle here

2. Tullibardine 1488 / Via

1488 Whisky Beer is the first ever genuine whisky ale. This beer spends the last part of it's life aged in a freshly emptied Tullibardine oak whiskey barrel. This results in a beautifully rich malt whisky color, a hint of Tullibardine whiskey aroma and a delicate and clean whisky after taste. Grab yourself a case here

3. St Peters, The Saints Whiskey Beer / Via

Brewed by St Peter's Brewery Co in Bungay, Suffolk, The Saints Whiskey Beer is a strong ale produced using the same peated malted used by St George's Whiskey distillery in Norfolk. The Saints Whiskey Beer is rich in flavor with smokey overtones from the peated malt and comes in a really cool bottle! You can buy it direct from the brewery!

4. Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18 / Via Flickr: 83759530@N00

Ola Dubh is Gaelic for "black oil" and is an apt name for this extremely dark ale that has been in aged in casks from the Highland Park distillery located in Orkney, Scotland. Bold, smokey with an aftertaste of toffee and dried fruit, this is an absolute gem. Grab a bottle of "black oil" direct from Harviestoun Brewery

5. BrewDog Paradox Jura / Via Flickr: 83759530@N00

This limited edition release is the result of ageing BrewDog Paradox Imperial Stout in whiskey barrels previously used to house Isle of Jura whiskey. Oaky, smoky with bold flavors of coffee, chocolate and caramel, basically everything you could ask for in a drink! If you manage to find a bottle please let me know where!

6. Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Finish


A hearty Scottish stout that has been aged in American Oak Heartwood barrels that have been infused with Irish Whiskey. Beautifully complex and incredibly smooth with hints of coffee and dark chocolate, this is perfect for nights in front of a roaring fire. Fancy it, then head here for a box of 12

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