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    • ianj7

      CINCINNATI – Following Federal Judge Tim Black’s order for state officials to recognize the marriage between John Arthur, who is in hospice care and dying from ALS, and James Obergefell, FreedomOhio’s co-founder Ian James issued the following statement: â€œJudge Black’s ruling is historic. John Arthur and Jim Obergefell have shared 20 years of their lives together. They were legally wed on a tarmac in Maryland on July 11 and their marriage should be recognized in Ohio,” James said. â€œAt this time, in John’s dying days, he and his husband Jim deserve to be treated in the same manner as any other married couple, with respect and dignity. Judge Black’s order ensures John’s death certificate will state he was married and list Jim as his surviving spouse,” James said. “We believe this is a fair ruling that treats people with decency. We hope that through the love and loss of John, and the struggles this family endures, that Ohio will realize greater acceptance of marriage equality and the worth of all our citizens.”

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