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    Fyre Festival: The Best Mock Shirts That Have Come From It

    Sure, Fyre Festival was a total and utter disaster. People were stuck on runways for hours. They slept in bad tents. They ate terrible food. There were no concerts. BUT we got some great unofficial merch from it all!

    The best one looks like a real shirt you get at music festivals. / Via

    Giving credit to where credit is due: the creative designers at They managed to cram all the tiny details of why this entire thing was so funny: the promotion models, the tiny tents, the luggage being emptied from shipping crates. And instead of where you'd normally see band names, they put things like "Feral Dogs" and "Missing Luggage." The testimonials on their side are pretty great, too: Testimonial #3: "Please send help. They are starting to eat each other."

    Yes, this one cost $1,200, but hear us out.... / Via

    That's a lot of money for something on eBay. But where else can you buy enough swag to go outside and show your friends that you are FYRE's #1 fan? For $1,200 you get pretty much an entire, one-of-a-kind outfit that will be sure to turn heads wherever you go. A much better value than an actual FYRE Fest ticket. The kind of attention you get from this outfit is priceless.

    Simple, but it gets the job done. / Via

    Is this one a bit of a step down from the other two? Maybe. But if your primary objective was to let everyone around you know that you survived after you were plucked down in a random country, this shirt will do that. No frills. Just text. Respect the hustle.

    You know what they always say: "If you didn't get a parody merch shirt, did you really read about it on the internet?"