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    • iamw

      Dear President Obama:Iam one to sayIam no longer free because of airport checkpoints.Ihave an artificial leg and am subjected to the most disgraceful and intrusive assaults on my personal integrity thatIabsolutely do NOT fly wheneverImust deal with the TSA. Period. So you, dear sir, your premise and example are wrong. Flying While handicapped is the new Driving While Black, and, yes,Ihave given up much freedom. Also, the NSA keeps the actual phone messages it intercepts. Stores the messages (reference: cnet.com reporting of testimony). An analyst is currently free to listen to any phone conversation based upon individual judgment with no further legal requirement. (same source). So tell me again that this is not infringing? Tell me again that we are not inatotal surveillance state? Tell me again that this does not totally abrogate the Fourth Amendment?

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