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    • IAmTheDr333

      You can’t be this overweight and still be healthy. It doesn’t matter if you havealow blood pressure. You are still putting extra, unnecessary weight on joints, increasing the fat content around your heart (and risk of cardiac embolism), and increasing the risk of type2diabetes.  Not everyone hasafast metabolism, which is ok, but saying that you are naturally fat is just an excuse. Havingaslow metabolism only means you need to exercise more efficiently than people withafast metabolism, and if for some reason you still aren’t losing weight, then you need to consultapersonal trainer andanutritionist to see what you are doing wrong.  Anyone who works out with both weight training and intense cardio5daysaweek, an hour each day, WILL lose weight and get down to or really close toahealthy BMI;Iguarantee it! Especially if that person cuts out all processed food, white bread/rice (only consume whole grain), fast food and eating out, soda (sugar free included), etc. Additionally, there is no reason why anyone should eat meat 2-3 timesaday, andIurge people who are obese to consider going vegan on some days of the week or only eat meat onceaday tops.  If being naturally fat was actuallyathing, then people in other parts of the world would not be so thin compared to Americans. And I’m not just talking 3rd world-I mean Western countries like Italy or France.

    • Response to Menace: Dr. Armine Nazarian And Metlife Insurance:

      As someone in dental school,Ihaveafew things to say about this:-Stop being cheap and go to an endodontist if you needaroot canal! seriously. Majority of general dentists screw up root canals, and that could have happened anywhere.
      -Usually, when the cavity is really really close to the pulp of the tooth (with the nerve and blood vessels), dentists go ahead and doaroot canal. That isastandard thing. Some people doapulp cap where you add medicine, and putafilling over it. But pulp caps usually fail when they are placed over teeth with cavities (they are mainly used and are successful when someone hasafracture due to trauma ie car accident or hit in the face withaball). Had she not taken any action or alerted you to what had been going on, it would have been considered malpractice. Note-you could have said no,Iwill wait on this tooth. That is alwaysachoice. -Most general dentists spendafew minutes to complete each filling. If you had issues with the floss going through, you should have gone back, and she could have reduced the bulkiness of the filling. It is hard to tell when you have received anesthesia as to whether the filling is too bulky when biting down, so sometimes, people go back to have the dentist reduce the filling more. She should have checked with floss before you left on day one, but that is an easily fixable issue that you could have gone back to her for.  -I’m not really sure what she meant by bonded fillings-all white fillings are bonded. But if the fillings were falling out withinamonth, you should have gone back and had her redo it. If it is genuinely their screw up and you confront them on it, some will redo the filling for free oralow cost, or at the very least will not submit info to your insurance so you can go somewhere else to have the procedure redone. But if it was done in good faith/judgement, they are not obligated to do free work and all insurance and malpractice claims will back up the dentist in such good judgement instances.  -Every clinician is going to haveadifferent opinion of what is considered acceptable. Most dentists will either placeawhite filling or doaroot canal when the cavity is huge since that is now the norm in dentistry. It sounds like she was following what is typically done at most offices, and she was trying to save you money by doing fillings instead ofaroot canal on everything. Yeah there are dentists out there who would just do root canals on all suspect teeth. -If you wanted something that was cheap and would not fall out,asilver filling would have actually been the best option, but unfortunately due to misinformation and aesthetics, everyone is too scared to get those done anymore. Some general dentists have not done those since the 80s!  -Since most of what she did sounds like she was following protocol, that is why insurance is not willing to reason with you. Most patients never know what they are talking about (no offense), and will blame stuff on their dentists that the dentists could not have possibly controlled. Ie-recurrent cavities on teeth with prior fillings. No filling is ever going to last forever, and most do end up getting cavities again underneath the original fillings.
      -Maybe she wasabad dentist, maybe not. But if you were really that unhappy, you should have gone back to have her fix the so called mistakes. If you moved on without saying anything, thenIdon’t know what to tell you because they are not mind readers. Think about how much money you’ve spent on your cell phone and bills, internet, cable, and car. Your teeth should be your biggest investment of them all because unlike all that other stuff, that is what people see on your face every single day.  -My take on this is that you should maybe get one procedure done atatime, starting with the simplest ones, instead of doing everything at once withanew dentist. Then, if it is not working for you, you can go somewhere else.

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