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Top 5 Productivity Apps That Are Free to Download

Today, we bring to you the Top 5 Productivity Apps That Are Free to Download. You can use these apps in various ways to facilitate your work and make life easier for you. Here’s the list.

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Smartphones these days have become an oxygen to us, and we just can’t seem to live without them. It is tough for some of us to even spend few hours without our phones and the reason behind it are the addictive apps that lie in them. From booking cabs to spinning fidgets, there are apps for everything. Now that you are using your smartphones for almost every task that you perform each day, then why not utilise it for your work too?

Today, we bring to you the Top 5 Productivity Apps That Are Free to Download. You can use these apps in various ways to facilitate your work and make life easier for you. Here’s the list.

1. Forest: Stay Focused

Is your smartphone hindering you from focusing on your work? This happens to a lot of us. The social media notifications, news alerts and texts are enough reasons for us to stop between our work and check why are our phones beeping. The Forest app helps you keep your hands off your phone.

Whenever you are working, the app asks you to plant a tree which is in its options. The tree grows as long as the app is on the screen and starts dying when you leave the app. The task to keep the app on the screen to grow your Forest forces you not to switch to other apps and hence letting you focus on your work. This app has more than a million downloads on the Play Store.

2. YouTube

The YouTube website is known to all, and for the Android users, it comes bundled as one of the stock apps in the G-suite. The YouTube app, however, must be installed separately from the App Store by the iOS users for a rich user experience.

The video library of the YouTube is one of the biggest on the internet and it is so vast that even the best movie apps for android and iOS fail to dent its popularity. Another great thing about YouTube is its community. There are a number of videos on almost every topic from tech to lifestyle which can help you learn and do some DIY stuff.

3. Quora

There was a time on the internet when Yahoo Answers used to be the buzz around. Quora has now replaced the Yahoo Answers almost entirely regarding popularity and can serve as a great app to pass your time. The Quora community is vivid and ever growing where people ask and respond to questions that are posted there. You will be amazed by the sort of questions that can come up in the minds of the people, and you can share your opinions in your answers too.

The response time for the answers posted to your queries on Quora is quick and generally very helpful. Users can upvote or downvote the answers based on their quality.

4. CamScanner

CamScanner has the ability to turn your phone into a scanner. Having this app up your sleeve allows you to be independent of scanning machines and it saves your time as the scans are just a click away. The app can convert the images into clear PDFs which can be shared instantly over emails and different chatting platforms.

The app has different modes which can make the texts look clearer in the clicked photos. The other features which are paid contain the no advertisement and OCR option.

5. Smash the Office

While this app will not come in your regular definition of Productivity, it is certainly a handy tool to relieve your work pressure. Smash the Office is a great stress buster game where you get a weapon, like a hammer or a baseball bat, and all you have to do is to SMASH THE OFFICE!

A fantasy game for all the grumpy employees and it can serve as a good break between your work. The characters in the game are customisable, the weapons can be added according to the choice, and there are numerous office locations to destroy. Smash the Office has nearly 10 Million installs on the Google Play Store and is also available on the iOS.

So, these are the Top 5 Productivity Apps That Are Free to Download on your smartphones. These apps are worth giving a try and can be found across all the major mobile platforms. Got worthy mentions for what should be on the list? Let us know in the comment section, and we will create a sequel to this post where your suggested apps will feature.

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