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  • Valentines Gift Ideas For Him - Exotic Gift For Him

    Valentine’s day is very special event for couples out there. Below are the top valentine’s gift ideas for him and for her. And to get exciting discounts and free deals, just head over to www.AdamAndEve.com and enter offer code CUPID99 at the checkout to get 50% OFF DISCOUNT, FREE Romance Kit and FREE Discreet Shipping on your entire order.

  • Rent A Luxury Car For A Date And Special Occasion, Isn’t Worth It?

    If you’re looking for a great date ideas, I would recommend to rent a luxury car for a date unless you can’t afford it. This effort works to me when my friend asked me for a date and I was really impress at first, you know first impression last. Then just found out that when we became “officially on.” He just rent the Lamborghini somewhere from Miami, a big awkward smile came from my face. However, I still impress with him because he really put an effort on our date :) Also, if that’s work for dating. I’m sure, renting luxury car for a meeting is a great idea especially when you would like to close a deal with “GIANTS”.

  • Adam And Eve 7 Cute Halloween Costumes

    Whatever your fantasy could Adam & Eve is here now to the rescue, we’ve got the the best kinky cute Halloween costume. Make your partner experienced the night of fantasy sexual intimacy on this month of october. Make your sex fantasies become a reality now! Grab any of our erotic cute halloween costumes and accesories at 50% OFF, just use adam and eve offer code OFFER6 at checkout at www.adamandeve.com with FREE shipping, FREE mystery gift and FREE adult DVDs on your entire order. Below are the the best cutest Halloween costume that make your Halloween wild and naughty.

  • Buy Love Candy By Kendra Prevail Vibrator To Contribute To The Save The Tatas Foundation

    Save The Tatas Foundation is focused on for fighting cancer at each and every stage through education, prevention, research and community support for the people experiencing breast cancer. So Love Candy By Kendra Prevail Vibrator was made by AdamAndEve.com to give rise to Save The Tatas Foundation to help individuals fighting for this devastating desease. I’m Penelope, and I would want to introduce Love Candy By Kendra Prevail Vibrator, a vibe that may give you total satisfaction. With its features, I’m sure you’re gonna excite experimenting with your clit.

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