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Secrets Of Implementing Celebrity Promotions Into Your Business Plan

If you are familiar with the Kardashians you know the girls promote certain products on their social media channels. This is not a new idea: in the 90s, Sarah Shaw's handbags became a hit after multiple celebrities embraced her products. As a result, Shaw's company grew to a $1 million company in a rather short period of time. This shows how powerful a celebrity's message can be, so there are definitely many opportunities to be found in this niche. But how to get a celebrity to use and promote your products?

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Who is Suitable

Before you go celebrity hunting you need to decide who is a good fit for your company. You need to pick someone who shares your field and message. On top of this, the celebrity needs to appeal to your target. For example, if you sell wedding gowns you can't pick a celebrity who is against marriages. Also, if your audience is made from people aged 30-40 years old, picking a teenage celebrity to promote your company could backfire.

The Perspective Matters

It's essential to find a way to link the celebrity to your promotional item, to connect with that person. One way to win over a celebrity is to donate a part of the profits to charity, especially if you pick that person's favorite cause. A good example is offering to donate half the profits of a cap endorsed by a celebrity interested in saving feral cats to a feline shelter.

Get in Touch With the Celebrity

Reaching out to a celebrity is not as easy as calling a friend, but it's not impossible either. There are companies dedicated to match celebrities with companies. If you don't want to work with such an organization, look for the celebrity's manager – managers usually analyze the offers received by the stars and then present them to their clients.

Send Samples, if Needed

Sometimes you will have to go through a lot of people before you actually manage to contact the celebrity. You might have to consider sending out some free samples to the celebrity's staff, in order to prove your product's value and draw their attention. Always be polite with everyone, no matter who they are and keep in mind stars are always surrounded by lots of people.

Look at the Stock

Having a celebrity using and promoting your stuff might equal a boom for the sales or nothing. Evaluate both scenarios and make sure you have enough products to sell if things go well, but not too many items to be left with, if the strategy fails.

Promote Your New Campaign

When the celebrity eventually uses your product, create promotional materials featuring the images and videos of the celeb with your product. Write press releases and organize promotional events, do guest posts and be active on social media. Promote your new campaign as much as possible – this will benefit the celebrity as well as your company.

Apart from celebrities, you can also pitch TV shows, sending couple of samples. Media is always looking for fresh faces and fresh products, so they can be one step ahead of their competition. Which is exactly what you want to do.

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