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How Falling In Love With An Alcoholic Changes Your Life

Alcoholism is a severe, real disease which affects a large number of people. To be more precise, there are 17.6 million alcoholics in US alone, which means 1 in 12 people has a drinking issue. This also means you are likely to fall in love with someone who suffers from alcoholism. When this happens, it will change your perspective upon love, life and relationships. It will change your entire life.

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Alcoholics are Masters at Hiding

No one can hide better than an alcoholic. No matter what you do to keep an eye on them, they will find a way to sneak in alcohol or get out and go straight to the pub. The more you try to control an alcoholic, the more he or she is going to hide his drinking problem. This is why alcoholics and their families need help from professionals in finding a treatment that works against addiction. Another major problem with alcoholics is they are masters at manipulating those around them. They can convince their loved ones to stick around. They can convince you they are not drinking anymore, until you see them drunk again.

An Addict's Drinking Problem is Their Own

Relatives and friends of alcoholics often think the addict started drinking because of them. This thinking is highly common in kids who have an alcoholic parent. But no one drinks because of someone else – when they drink they do it because they are addicted to alcohol. Not because of someone or something. Most alcoholics say they started drinking because they have personal problems, but the reality is we all have problems but not all of us become alcoholics.


You can't Trust an Alcoholic

As I said, alcoholics are masters at hiding things, which is mostly alcohol. This means you can't trust them. When an addict says he or she will do something, alcohol usually stays in their way and they don't manage to actually do that. However, the biggest trust issue comes when an addict says he quit drinking. Most addicts actually hide their bottles and continue to drink, until they get professional help and detox.

Addicts Need to Desire to be Sober Again

You can't stop drinking for an alcoholic – if the addict is not willing to change, there is nothing you can do. No one can do anything. Going to rehab and getting therapy is worthless if the alcoholic is not determined to stay sober and kick his addiction for good. Dating an alcoholic teaches you to move on when the addict doesn't want to recover. You can't be there for them all the time, wasting your life while caring for them when they are sick from drinking. If they don't want to be helped, it's time to move on.

Drinking Problems are Inherited

In many families, alcoholism is a parent-child issue. If one parent is an addict, the child has higher risk of becoming an addict himself. Of course, this doesn't mean that all kids who have an alcoholic parent end up alcoholics themselves, but it does mean you should be highly aware of your drinking habits. Sometimes, the abused substance is not the same; only the addictive behavior is inherited. For example, if the parent had a drug addiction, the child might have an alcohol addiction.

Never Drink With an Alcoholic

After going to rehab, alcoholics often believe they now have a healthy relationship with alcohol. They think they are now in control and they can have a drink from time to time. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Former alcoholics can't drink without becoming addicted again. You can't go out and have couple of beers with a former addict, as this will backfire on him and eventually, on you as well.

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Alcoholism is Nothing to Play With

Because it's so common, we are used to take alcoholism easier than other addictions. But it is in fact just as deadly as drugs. Drinking can lead to a wide array of severe illnesses, from kidney disease to liver and cardiovascular disease, all of which can end in death.

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