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5 Things You Learn After Being Sober

When you first acknowledge you have an addiction and you decide to go to rehab you have a number of expectations. You think you know what the recovery process is, but when you arrive at the rehab center and start the detox process, everything turns upside down. This is the moment you realize you were never prepared for the process and you had no idea what it involves. Realizing this will make you feel a lot of emotions and will also teach you a lot of things.

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No one believes you

When you tell your friends and family that you are on recovery and that you're quitting the drug, they won't believe you. They will think you are only going to rehab for couple of days, then go out and resume your old habits. Many of them will try to ask you out again, tempting your with your drug of choice. Resisting them is hard, but if you are serious about recovery, you will do it.

However, the fact they don't believe you will make you sad, will make you realize they don't trust you. At times, you don't trust you either, so how can you blame them?

Your mind always tries to become addicted

When one addiction is over, your mind is trying to find something else to obsess over. This is a fact about addicts, but few people realize this, until they go through rehab. Therapy helps you stay away from a new addiction, but many addicts simply give up and replace their drug addiction with technology addiction or food addiction or another, less harmful – at least in their mind.

Boredom promotes addiction

When you are bored you are more likely to have a relapse, which is why keeping yourself occupied at all times is crucial. Taking up a hobby is a great way to ensure you will never get bored, but it can also backfire. After hours on end of doing the same thing, like playing online games, you will get bored. When this happens, you need to have an alternative thing to do. It can be swimming, hiking or writing – the key is to have multiple hobbies to switch between when you become bored.

Hearing other people complaining makes you mad

When you've been sober for some years and you hear current addicts complaining about addiction and the fact they find impossible to quit is going to make you mad. You know it's possible to be sober again and you know they only have to get into a rehab center, like The Recovery Village Columbus and follow the program. But they don't want to do this, they only want to complain and make people feel sorry for them. Which makes you mad.

When they don't care anymore

In every addict's life there comes a moment when you notice people around you don't care anymore. They don't care about your addiction stories and there's a reason for this: they now see you as a sober person. When this happens, you've reached your goal and you can finally stop talking about your rehab experiences and start talking about your sober experiences.

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