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5 Things To Get Rid Of This Spring

Most of us are caught in a life of consumerism and its vicious cycle. There is a constant need to earn more money in order to feed our cravings for the latest gadgets, trendy clothes, fancy meals, luxurious bags, designer shoes, etc. But, if you have ever felt that there must be more to life than this consumerism lifestyle, here are some things that you may want to start getting rid of.

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1. Things That You Do Not Use


Sometimes, when we find an item in our closet, we look at it and say, "I do not use this, but I will just keep it because maybe I will need it for something someday." Rule #1: Toss out anything that you have not used in a year. You will probably not be needing it anyway.

2. Clothes That You Do Not Feel Comfortable In


If you do not feel beautiful, comfortable or happy wearing a piece of clothing, you probably would not feel it any other day. Why do you want to gain/lose weight or change your personal style to fit into a piece of clothing? Donate them.



To be honest, it is really hard to get rid of gifts. It may seem a bit mean to give away gifts that someone else has taken the time to prepare for you, but it boils down to the meaning/ purpose of gifts. A gift is something someone gives you in order to make you happy, but if it does not serve its purpose (i.e. makes you unhappy, never intend to use the item), then it is better to pass it on to someone who will appreciate the gift.

5. Items That Are Not For You


Last but not least, items that do not fit you. It may be a designer item or expensive or high quality or practical, but if the item is not for you, it is not for you. Knowing your personal style/goal(s) in life is crucial in making the decision to hold on to certain things and letting go everything else that will not add value to your life.

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