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15 Things No Woman Should Ever Apologise For

Be bold. Be fearless. Be you.

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4. Don't ever apologise for speaking your mind.

Tara Parian /Buzzfeed

Your honesty makes people uncomfortable, and uncomfortable people take action. Keep dropping those truth bombs, because you are really doing the world a favour.

6. Don't be sorry about asking for that raise.

BuzzFeed Yellow / / Via

Because honey, you're worth it – you know it, your colleagues know it, now it's time your boss knows it. No need for the tired, misplaced sense of politeness. That's partly why the pay gap is still a *thing*, ladies.

7. Don't apologise for ordering off-menu. / Via

Mate, if you want your salad with no dressing, extra chicken, and a side of chips, then you get that. It's your money and your stomach, so you do you, because you are amazing.

8. Never say sorry for being a bit "weird".

Getty Images/iStockphoto Beornbjorn/ Thinkstock

We’re all very different and we’re all programmed differently, but one thing is for sure: EVERYONE is secretly a bit weird. So NEVER apologise for your quirks.

9. Don't apologise for your past.

United Artists / Via

Everything you did in the past was just little milestones on the road to being you*. If someone can't get over that, then you don't need them in your life.

*obvs exception is if you were an axe murderer or something

15. Don't apologise for going to the afterparty on a work night.

Shironosov / Getty Images

The afterparty is where you belong. It would be a sin for you not to attend. Plus, you've become quite the make-up sorceress at covering up dark circles, so really, there is no reason to feel even a tad apologetic.

Be proud of yourself and all your accomplishments. Never apologise for who you are.

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