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8 Un-Romantic Films That Wont Spark Romance This Valentines Day

A short list of films that definitely won't enhance feelings of a romantic nature on 14th February (Valentines Day); think the opposite of The Notebook.

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1. Schindler's List


This is an uplifting tale of a man who saved the lives of more than a thousand Jews from the Holocaust. A great and important film but not one to watch on the couch with your partner to celebrate Valentines Day.

3. There's Only One Jimmy Grimble / Via

A tale of a poor Manchester kid who dreams of playing for City. Low on confidence and unpopular until he finds a pair of old magic football boots.... apart from the boots aren't magic and the talent is all his and he signs for Manchester City, fulfilling his childhood dream. It's so romantic.... if you think romance is loving a football club all your life and getting to play for them is romantic?

4. Bambi / Via

Everyone knows that girls love a Disney movie, but Bambi is not the film to get the romantic juices flowing. Mainly because a young deers mother getting murdered is about as unromantic as it gets. Plus it's too gritty and gripping to take your eyes off so there will be no staring into your partners eyes while watching this classic.

5. Double Jeopardy / Via

Framed for a crime she did't commit, framed by the person she loved and free to kill that same person. Perfect to ruin the romantic vibe on Valentines, everybody has a fear a of being blamed for a crime they didn't commit add that to the creation of suspicion of the person you love. Not a recipe for the perfect Valentines movie.

7. the Truman show / Via

A mans entire life and reality is a sham, a creation for entertainment purposes. The film raises so many ethical questions and lead to reflection on society and ourselves, not even a scented candle will re-kindle the Valentines romance.

8. / Via

A cult classic film depicting a life born out of bad decision, heavy drug addiction and infant mortality. Hopefully leave you thankful about the life you lead but a touch depressed after a glimpse into a different but very real world. if you are thinking about watching this on Valentines....DON'T

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