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    It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You!

    HINT: Clicking the pictures makes the magic happen. C'mon you should already know that!

    I can't think of a more important lesson a college student should have rattling around in their head than "It's not what you know, it's who you know". Ok, so maybe there are a few more important lessons like, don't pass out with your shoes on. And I guess it does have a little to do with "what you know". I mean you went to college and spent all that money on beer and laundry detergent and books to get an education.........BUT I DIGRESS!Yea, so it's really important to know people, but isn't it more important that people know you? I mean it's just common sense, right? Just because you creep on that one cute girl in chem lab doesn't mean she knows you.So after filling out approximately a billion job applications and sending out just as many resumes and cover letters I realized that not that many people know me. (It's not like I'm not a popular guy...I do alright)So I'm going to change that.....

    1. So for starters this is me, looking ruggedly handsome at graduation...

    2. All that hard work and all I got was a couple fancy pieces of paper

    ....In their defense, the paper quality was really nice

    3. A college professor once told me a resume wasn't supposed to have any colors on it.....I like to break the rules

    Yes, that is my actual it!

    4. My cover letter even matches my resume

    ...more rule breaking

    5. I've built my own site

    It's obvious that you're dying to check it out...go ahead...i'll wait...

    6. And yeah, there's a fully integrated mobile version

    Admit it, you're impressed

    7. I've designed my own business cards...

    Admittedly, I did get some help from, they're pretty awesome.

    8. I've been an officer in a student organization

    You can never go wrong with a 3-piece suit

    9. And I've written some interesting papers

    One of my earlier pieces...

    10. One more thing!

    I wouldn't be much of a business professional without one of these...