Reasons You Wish You Could Live In The Past

Seriously, life was just awesome.

1. People were so kind.

2. And they still loved photobooths

3. Even doing r/pastandpresentpics before it was cool.

4. Not to worry. Photobombs happened back then, too.

5. You’re not going to believe it, but…

6. There was no such thing as an “odd couple.”

7. And science testing was much more simple

8. Technology was way cooler

9. Because bigger is always better.

10. Even excercising was enjoyable

12. And no one had to have the best brand name gear to play.

13. Transportation was awesome.

14. No one had to worry about nuclear warfare

15. Seriously…No one

16. And people loved bears.

17. Really…Loved them

18. Women even thought bears were charming.

19. Bears were great with children.

20. Except in the park. No one likes bears in the park.

21. But, in the end…

22. It’s about how you live it.

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